Purifying Presence

Purifying Presence

In another forum, I made a comment people wanted to explore more. I thought readers here would also be interested. I’ve edited the reply for this blog.

“That kind of presence tends to cause others to purify.”

What I mean by this is that someone with a strong presence (of source, divine) and/or a lot of purity (sattva) can cause those around them to start purifying or releasing crud. This is much like we might purify energetically by sitting to meditate, only this person is radiating presence in activity. It’s called darshan in Sanskrit.

There are some beings who have strong auras that go outside the building, so you are inherently within their energy. People with any degree of sensitivity will feel it. But due to the above, it might make you uncomfortable. Or you might find yourself blissful or peaceful or resonating in some other way. Or all of the above. It might seem to have no cause or be coming from within as it’s non-local even though it has an apparent source.

Then there are more typical awake people who radiate peace and bliss less “loudly”. I’ve found different people resonate more or less with specific others. I suspect this relates to specific energies/chakras that are stronger but have not confirmed this. But these people will find, and those around them also, that some people will resonate and be affected more than others.

For example, it’s not unusual for the awake’s spouse to awaken, just being around them. This is not a journey we’re on solo.

In my own case, I find that some people awake are obviously so, and others not. With the resonant, it can be like being in a deep meditation just to be around them. And it may or may not be mutual. Not everyone awake has the same response to specific people. Others awake will resonate better with different people. So there are unique resonances. Another reason to seek a specific teacher for you.

Similarly, most people around the awake will see and treat them like anyone else. But the occasional person will be strongly effected positively or really notice. It may even trigger experiences, like subtle perception or witnessing. Or, they may start purifying. Occasionally, they become highly reactive. They may or may not recognize the source. It’s kind of like “feeling the vibes” on steroids.

Of course, this is not the person they’re responding to, just the presence that is here resonating with theirs.

This also speaks to the profound transition we’re in as a larger community. In the last decade, many thousands of people have awoken and are effecting those around them. As their shift deepens, the effect increases. I’ve seen 20 awake talking together having a stronger effect than 2,000 meditating together.

Presence can have both overt and subtle effects we’re not aware of. But it can make us a little restless or reactive. A good time for some yoga asanas and rest. It’s nothing personal.  😉

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