Energy Modalities

Energy Modalities

Back in a discussion of Yugas, I noted that by Yukteswar’s calculations, we have moved into the Energy age (Dwapara). Along with the discovery of electricity and atomic energy, a number of energy healing modalities have come to the forefront.

I thought going a little deeper would be a useful exercise in understanding how the field is developing. Rose Rosetree outlines 3 classes of modalities and suggests the examples. You can see that different modalities in different classes may target healing of the same things. But they do so from very different perspectives.

1 – Energy Medicine
Energy healing modalities where the point of entry is through the physical body. Reiki, Healing Touch, Pranic Healing, Bio-Energetics, Qigong, Tai Chi, and Homeopathy are examples. Acupuncture and pressure would also sit here.

A few of these techniques are research-backed and thus available in hospitals and under insurance programs in some jurisdictions, like Healing Touch. In other words, they’ve become mainstream.

But you have to be careful of loose terminology, like the popular use of “quantum”. I can also note that awhile ago I took a short course through a Spiritualist church that certified me a “Spiritual Healer”. But in this case, the technique is body-entry and pours energy into areas of apparent issue.

2 – Energy Psychology
Energy modalities that use the mind as the access point. This includes regression therapy, hypnosis, EMDR, Transformational Breathwork, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which I thought interesting. EFT uses physical tapping but also intentions. You have to have an intention in mind to tap for.

Adam the Dreamhealer uses visualizations and intentions for healing. That would put him here too. He recently graduated as a Naturopathic doctor, which is in another class altogether.

Obviously each class or group can include a wide range of unrelated modalities. And a given modality may include elements from other classes. And a given healer often includes multiple modalities in their toolbox.

3 – Energy Causality
Here we have the much more rare modalities that work with the causal fields  directly & precisely. To do that, you need much more refined “energetic literacy”; the ability to precisely sense and work with those energies directly. It’s much more precise than pouring energy into a dark area, doing general balancing or intentions, or trying to cover up an issue. It’s working on the causal level to resolve issues of body, emotions, and mind. This also means working with the Divine. Done effectively, it can create profound, permanent healing.

I’ve had a number of personal experiences with healing energetically but not through formal modalities. Thus, I’ve become interested in better understanding and tools I can work with.

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  1. Davidya

    I’ve been to workshops where we learned to feel if our own and others chakras were open or closed and how they felt. Also the difference in how emotions flowed from others when we were open or closed.

    It was not difficult to learn but it did require a different style of awareness. And the skill level was typically clumsy and we’d fall back into default modes easily. What Rose is describing by Stage 3 is quite a bit more developed than that.

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  3. Davidya

    Another way of clarifying working on the energy levels is that most are working with the astral levels, Working in the chakra databanks is at the causal or celestial level. The bliss body where all is light. This is the level of kundalini as well.

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