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Global News

While the media is full of current events, they are often oblivious to the larger trends underway.

One item they miss is that thousands of people are awakening spiritually. This is astonishing news. The more that awaken, the easier it gets for others to switch. That is leading to exponential growth patterns. However, because this is an internal process spread around the world, tracking actual numbers is difficult. But the evidence is clear – people waking more and more easily plus the occasional person is moving clearly into advanced stages in record time.

On top of that, those already awake are deepening into more potent advanced stages and becoming lighthouses for all of us.

Because of this rising group consciousness, it is enlivening laws of nature that have been sluggish for a long time. Some have even been asleep for thousands of years. Existing laws of nature becoming more enlivened and other laws of nature coming on-line – this is changing some of the basic rules of life. For the better.

As well, an awakened person changes their relationship with nature which changes how nature responds. Rather than fighting what is, they step increasingly into the flow of nature so nature is able to express more easily. Further, the Divine begins to flow through them, bringing what some call the descent of heaven on earth. You can see small samples of that when small groups of the awake gather together. Those around them awaken even more easily, even with no history or understanding of what it is.

This development is happening from the inside out. For some, this is very apparent. For many, they see accelerating change and disintegration. But that falling apart is the crumbling of the old restrictions. And that change is the transformation into what I describe above. This certainly may be less than obvious because transformation tends to stir up the mud.

I don’t expect you to believe any of this. Only to consider it a possibility, a way to re-frame current events in another light. This isn’t about a future perfect we can use to avoid dealing with the present. But it may be a helpful understanding as we do some growing up as a species.

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