Father Thomas Keating

Father Thomas Keating

My first real exposure to Father Keating was in the film One, the Movie (2005). I bought the DVD and the extras DVD that included the entire interviews*. More recently, I discovered he played a key role in helping a contacts healing from a cult I knew of.

I recently had the pleasure of hearing a new interview with Father Keating. While a Christian Father, he is well-versed in the faiths and philosophies of the world, is active in Inter-spirituality, and developed and promotes Centering Prayer. The last is a practice that is surprisingly like Effortless Meditation that I recommend. (see also Jewish Sh’ma “meditation.”)

If you read the article What is Consciousness?, you’ll know the importance of the means to direct experience of our spiritual nature. Father Keating similarly emphasizes this. The interviewer has a background in the Vedic tradition of India but Father Keating has no trouble speaking to his terminology and questions.

Father Keating speaks of Unity without recognizing the full depth of it, suggesting the Isness aspect of God and the expressed God, or Father and Son, can never unite. As I’ve explained here, even the Holy Trinity unites in advanced Unity. However, the few minor points like this are just quibbles with the extent of it, not with the content. He is a remarkable example of the value of surrender and gratitude, common subjects on this blog.

1 hr 50 min


Contemplative Outreach
See the link on the left for Contemplative Prayer. That page includes instruction documents and the workshops he recommends to help you establish the practice correctly. As I’ve mentioned here, it’s very easy to mess up effortless practices as it’s such a habit to try. And that small change is the difference between direct experience of Divinity and a headache.

*They now sell the full interviews as audio files separately, probably due to the expense of mastering another DVD. My original purchase was burned, not produced, an early home-brew of the project that was later manufactured when the funds were raised.

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