A Quiet Revealing

I was sent a link to this blog today, an anonymous experience record. He asks that we read the bottom post first and progress up. Not a light read but some nice gems in there. And good examples of a lot of what I talk about here, presented in a more subjective way. My favorite is The structure of love. Always nice to hear another perspective, another way of seeing. This can trigger realizations in others.

Inside the Awakening Mind (the title underestimates the content)

As I’ve mentioned before, emptiness is not the end of the journey and the divine is not some mythical throwback that some teachers suggest.

The reference to Fairfield in Intimate Absolute is a town in Iowa where some 1,600 to 2,000 people meditate together twice a day. The pandits he mentions are a group of over 1,000 Vedic pandits from India who are doing special world peace yagyas. (like pujas) Oprah happens to be doing a show on the town, broadcast this Sunday. Evidently it includes clips of the pandits and the meditation domes where she joined them. The meditation picture is on her home page presently.

UPDATE: Here’s a clip of the Pandits from the show. And the domes.

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