108 Reasons to Seek Enlightenment

108 Reasons to Seek Enlightenment

For fun, I thought I’d see if I could find 108 good reasons to want to be enlightened. It turned out to be easy. These are essentially side effects of purification and development so are best not pursued directly. But if we follow the Vedic advice to go Highest First, we will gain all the benefits along the way.

1 – Peace – you are peace itself and radiate it to others
2 – Bliss – you live profound happiness for no reason, even in sleep
3 – Totally – liberation is total, of the present, past, and future
4 – Discrimination – arises from knowledge of time and sequence
5 – Healing – we release the baggage of the ages
6 – Grace – the body becomes graceful
7 – Support – all of nature supports your desires
8 – Be – one can just be, and be good with that
9 – Steadiness – refined perception steadies the mind
10 – Body Aware – vision of the bodies inner systems
11 – Love – your life is lived in the flow of love
12 – Unbound – we become unbound from action and unlimited
13 – Safety – danger is averted before it arises
14 – Perfect – the perfection of all expression becomes obvious
15 – Self – you know who you are, really
16 – Simplicity – profound knowledge is revealed to be simple
17 – Friendliness – founded in happiness, we are enemies to none
18 – Distinct – ability to differentiate 2 very similar objects
19 – Space – seeing the arrangements and motion of the stars
20 – Freedom – while living in boundaries you are liberated from them
21 – Non-injury – none are hurt by our words or actions
22 – Speed – the ability to move as swiftly as the mind
23 – Sleep – we live awake, even in sleep
24 – Charity – when nothing can be lost, we have everything to give
25 – Light – we become lit up within, then see the light in the world
26 – Nectar – we taste the nectar of soma
27 – Firmness – founded in the absolute, we are unmoved, body included
28 – Heart – the heart brings us knowledge of the mind
29 – Clarity – unobstructed, the mind, heart and intellect are clear
30 – Feeling – with an open heart, we enjoy all feeling that flows
31 – Refined Senses – subtler values and the nature of all things are revealed
32 – Intuition – inner knowing is awakened, without limit
33 – Warm – the body can be warmed with attention
34 – Time – knowledge of the cycles of time is revealed
35 – Faith – knowing the unchanging truth, we have true faith
36 – Primordial – the sound of creation is heard
37 – Eternal – we step off the cycle of rebirth and remain
38 – Zone – we’re in the zone all the time
39 – God – you have a personal relationship with God
40 – Mind – the mind becomes an object rather than subject
41 – Empty – we empty our history of obligations
42 – Intention – what we intend becomes
43 – Non-Attachment – we live and desire, without expectation
44 – Power – we become the power that drives the universe
45 – Truthfulness – from truth, the results of action are quick
46 – Compassion – with a full heart, compassion flows naturally
47 – Dreams – unleashed from drama, they become the play
48 – Devotion – knowing the truth, we become devoted to it
49 – Friends – friendships develop in high and far places
50 – Knowledge – whatever you put your attention on teaches you its nature
51 – Music – hearing the song of angels, the music of the sphere, etc.
52 – Release – what arises, we release
53 – Attention – what we attend flourishes
54 – Certainty – based in the absolute, our knowledge is certain
55 – Past Lives – knowledge of prior births unfolds, we know our story
56 – Contentment – undriven, we are content with what is; Happiness arises
57 – Gifts – treasures are given for us to fulfill our role
58 – Creation – the nature and mechanism of creation is revealed
59 – Fearlessness – life is lived without fear
60 – Non-theft – without craving, wealth arises
61 – Beauty – the body becomes beautiful, in and out
62 – Equanimity – unattached and unfazed, we are smoothness
63 – Others – knowledge of the nature of another’s mind (not contents)
64 – Relaxation – with the relaxation of effort, we enjoy steady joy
65 – Guides – you have the support of the greatest sages and angels
66 – Outside – we can see everything from the outside, including the universe
67 – Language – the voice of all beings is understood
68 – Delight – unburdened, we delight in our remarkable life
69 – Size – the ability to be as small as an atom or larger than a galaxy
70 – Future – a vision of the future is gained
71 – Purpose – we live our purpose with ease
72 – One Mind – our individual mind becomes cosmic
73 – Colour – even a dreary alley is found painted with glowing light
74 – Function – hunger and thirst can be subdued
75 – Passion – unburdened, our passion flows freely
76 – Neutral – thoughts and actions are neither good nor bad
77 – Guru – the inner guru, the knower, is awakened
78 – Essential – the essential nature of all things is known
79 – Invisibility – with knowledge of form, we can withdraw it’s appearance
80 – Crystal – our mind becomes clear, reflecting whatever falls on it
81 – Travel – the ability to travel wherever we put our attention
82 – Strength – we gain the strength of whatever we attend to (elephant, etc)
83 – Wealth – inner wealth begets outer wealth
84 – Oneness – you join with all of creation in one wholeness
85 – Perfume – the scent of heaven wafts into your nose
86 – Safe Feet – the ability to walk on water, through fire, etc.
87 – Death – knowledge of death
88 – Mastery – mastery over the elements (objects), senses, and nature
89 – Teacher – God is our teacher, as with the ancients
90 – Shine – with mastery of digestion, we literally glow
91 – Gratitude – astonishing gratitude flows out of all our gifts
92 – Revealed – the inner light reveals all that is hidden
93 – Indestructibility – the body is “hardened”
94 – Creator – you are that which creates
95 – Sex – liberated, it goes far beyond the physical
96 – Hearing – hearing the voice of God, angels, etc.
97 – Intellect – the intellect knows only truth
98 – Transport – the ability to instantly move the body
99 – Touch – touching the world, touch and are touched
100 – Universe – the knowledge of the universe is revealed
101 – Memory – we remember what God remembers, all origins
102 – Bi-location – the ability to be in 2 places at once
103 – Flying – the ability to fly through space
104 – Existence – the ability to continue without a body
105 – All Knowingness – ditto
106 – Body Change – can enter the body of another being (tree, dog, etc)
107 – Inside – everything is inside of us, literally, including the universe
108 – Destiny – it is the fulfillment of your purpose and destiny
109 – Supremacy – need I say more?

Funnily enough the list doesn’t do it justice. Some of these may seem far-fetched but the mechanics are documented. This has been understood for thousands of years. We may have developed amazing technology, but our subjective technology is still primitive.

The list is intended to be pretty random. Some of these may sound similar but they are experienced as unique as we progress. Many are also interconnected and flow one from the other. For example, when non-attachment dawns, knowledge of existence unfolds. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali lists abilities that arise with enlightenment. We can test our progress with them.

This of course relates to full enlightenment and its full maturation. But even some progress is good.

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  1. Share L

    Wow, what an amazing list! I never would have thought that such a long list could be so profound and useful and fun. Yay!

    Wish it could be published in some big magazine.
    Or maybe just go viral (-:

  2. Raz

    A very inclusive list, I found it helpful =)
    I have pondered the idea of “seeking Enlightenment”. Could it be that Enlightenment is simply our next step in evolution, a part of growing up? How many caterpillars where there, before one of them got the urge to seek a spot and wave a cocoon. Are we like caterpillars contemplating pupation? Do we have more influence in attaining Enlightenment then a child who wants to become an adult? Is it the same principle? Are we collectively blocking our continued growth with the noise of ego mind?
    I am curious and unsure on the subject of seeking Enlightenment. Perhaps it is Enlightenment that is seeking us and our part is to remain open and receive; a sort of passive seeking? Thoughts?

  3. Thanks Raz.
    Yes, enlightenment is a natural part of the process of human growth. We see some people awakening spontaneously, for example.

    To understand the process, it’s best to put it in a broader context. For one, we live a series of lifetimes and develop progressively. Just as we develop physically into maturity in one life, so too does our soul mature across lifetimes.

    Time also moves in cycles of development of consciousness. During times of high awareness, people naturally complete the awakening process after their physical maturity. In a time like ours, the awareness is lower. To rise above the group inertia, we usually have to more actively participate in our development.

    From a higher perspective, this is indeed a process of Self waking up to itself. It is not a result of the actions of an apparent individual. However, Self does do what is necessary for that awakening to occur so some practice may be taken up, some teacher sought, and so forth. Preparing the vessel so to speak. The difference is just confusion over who is acting.

    When we are identified with our individual experience, this can get in the way of the process if we refuse or resist engaging it. But we should not demonize the noise of the mind. The noise of the mind is an effect of ego identification and lack of peace rather than something we should try to control directly. If we try to control the mind, we may gain good concentration skills but unless we calm the source of the mind, it will just continue. There are certainly many teachings that tell us otherwise. But fighting how we are is just another ego drama. We want to step beyond that to awaken rather than just engage the mind another way.

    It’s also useful to understand that awakening is an organic process and has stages, like maturation. There isn’t one awakening but rather a process of it. Self Realization serves as the ground for unfolding enlightenment. There are now thousands who are Self-realized but few who are truly enlightened yet. It’s like they’ve reached puberty but not maturity. Many will tell you otherwise though as they fail to understand the larger process. The end of the seeker is not the end of the journey. Some of the points in the post illustrate this. If someone cannot meet the criteria of the Yoga Sutras, its not complete yet.

    I talk about this in various posts. You may want to browse the “Key Posts” link on the right.

    I hope that helps bring some clarity.

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