The Context of Reality

The Context of Reality

For the average person these days, they’d say their mind is in their body and the universe is “out there”, around them. Inside the body is the mind, outside is the world.

For someone with a spiritual practice, they soon discover that inside the mind is an infinite field of peace.

As that experience evolves, they find that field of peace underlies all of their experiences. By the time of Self Realization, the body-mind is found to be within Self or spirit. The world remains “out there” but now as an apparent illusion.

As the perception refines and the fine levels of existence are perceived, we discover the body arises from the mind within Self. We also discover that the outside world shares the same mechanics as the inner world. As “inner and outer” become unified, we find both the body and the world arise in mind.

As the perception deepens beyond the boundaries of our universe, we eventually come to see the cosmic body and recognize ourselves as that. Now, the universe, and all other universes are found to be in the body and the body is found to be within divine mind.

So the body is in the mind and the universe is in the body.

Given these examples, it’s easy to see how our stage of development and resulting vantage point completely change how we see  ourselves, the world, and their relationship to each other.

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