What Wakes Up?

What Wakes Up?

A recent question brought up another perspective on something we’ve talked about before, so I thought I’d share what arose.

What is it that wakes up? What becomes enlightened? Awareness is already awake to Itself. And the illusory sense of a separate person falls away – that’s what we wake up from. So what awakens and what does it awaken to?

The trick is in understanding creation itself. Awareness becomes aware of Itself and expresses that recognition as creation at the highest levels. But awareness becomes aware of itself not just globally but at every point within itself. One of those points is you.

Essentially, that point is there for awareness to know itself more thoroughly. Thus, it expresses itself into creation in a more specific way and explores itself locally through that process. The detail view, we could say. You are a unique perspective of the whole and a means for the whole to know itself more completely. In the first part of this process, that point goes deeper and deeper into expression and form. It’s as if it gets lost in the objects of experience and the material world. And then there is a return cycle. The point becomes increasingly aware of its source and there is an experiential return home. We as if escape the veils of creation we had set out to explore. This is the essence of the odyssey of life itself.

Thus, awakening is that point value of Self/Spirit/Being waking up to itself through the apparent person/experiencer. Although already globally awake, it awakens even more completely by this process. Every detail of every experience is “brought to light.” It is the point waking up to its nature as the whole;  the wave realizing it is the ocean. And it is the whole realizing itself as the point as well.

One little detail on this: many spiritual people talk of the person, that thing with your name inside this body, as not being real. This can be seen as true at certain points of the journey but it’s not the highest truth. It’s more that the person is not real the way it thinks it is. But it is none other than That and is thus ultimately real in its true nature.

These “certain points” arise when aspects of the old conception of self are seen through and fall away. Both of them are key points in the stages of awakening. (Self Realization and Unity) And both may seem like you end and never really were. But as the process integrates, the part that is real and has remained is seen to continue. And it is none other than that wholeness, expressed as this point of awareness in form. Fully discovered, this is the embodiment of awakening.

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