Models of Awakening – Part 2

Models of Awakening – Part 2

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On God Consciousness:
(the next stage in Vedic tradition)
What you have to consider is the cultural differences. Indian culture is much more devotional. In devotees I’ve known, they’re naturally developing the heart and refinement. Thus, when they come to the “GC” stage they’re more likely to have a fuller experience sooner. In the west however, the mind and intellect are cultured more. Thus, the intellect shift required for Unity is easier and tends to happen sooner while the GC aspects take longer. I would suggest they’re still there but may take time to flower if they’re not cultured. This may also be related to the time we’re in.

Perceptual stuff is generally associated with refined sensory values and the “3rd eye”. In some Vedic traditions, the 6th chakra (eye) opens around the Self realization stage, just prior to full CC. (crown) But I believe this is more associated with development of Sattva (purity) rather than of Atman (Self). Thus one can be very awake but lacking celestial or having celestial and not be awake. But of course, they’re interrelated.

On Unity:
The release of the core fear or sense of identity that separates us from the world/whole may be experienced as the end of the fear of death. But that’s somewhat individual. I know some who lost the fear of death earlier with experiences of past lives, for example. What ends is a long fear created by the experience of loss of wholeness. How we experience that fear ending varies, much as with awakening.

What follows that is what the Vedic tradition describes as an intellectual “aha” moment, a Mahavakya like I am That. With the barrier gone, we can recognize and “rejoin” wholeness as one.

In the Rk Veda, 7th mandala, Vasishtha emphasizes the importance of desiring unity. Without knowing of it and it’s qualities, we may be left in kindergarten with the end of the seeker above. Many books and interviews out there highlight people who had that first shift and think this is it. Not knowing of more, they lose the opportunity before them.

Some even make the mistake of confusing the inner wholeness with Advaita (non-dual) and Vedanta. The key though is that while they see the world as illusion, it is still separate. This is not unity.

A General Model:
What I’ve seen in practice typically is:
– some sort of Self realization – realizing I am That, witnessing, etc.
– what I consider the actual CC shift, when one shifts to being That. (the first is a recognition, the second is the shift. Some may do this together, others separately)
– more advanced waking of the heart, perhaps the experience of the decent of the divine to the heart (Adyashanti’s “head, heart, gut” model). It’s approach can be marked by perception of the celestial or creation becoming. For some, the flowering of God Consciousness happens now. For many westerners, later.
But some value of this opens up, then
– the decent reaches the “gut” and the core fear is seen and released. This ends the division between “inside” and “outside”. Loch Kelly calls this the BBQ. As with the first shift, for some a purge, for others a quiet shift.
– the mahavakya stage and realization of oneness or unity.
– a gradual expansion of oneness to all areas of life.
– the rest of the decent to the root and out into the world.
– somewhere along here, God realization. This normally happens after Unity per the texts.
– ongoing refinement, deepening and expansion.

I’ve detailed this quite a bit more and am testing it against others process: the approach, the shift, the integration, and so forth.  It’s best if we not think of any such model in too linear a way. While there tends to be those 3 main “steps”, development is happening concurrently for all stages, even well before waking. There is also a pattern of experience and become.

In summary, there is a standard underlying process, but there is a very wide range of ways in which it might be experienced.

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  2. Bob Brown

    interesting that you are able or seem to be able to see and comment on the stages others seem to or perhaps claim to go through. I hardly know how to describe any of this like you have. When I teach I just hear what I say with others, at the same time. I re-cognize the no separation…when seen, as it is… it is like being “grandfathered in” as it’s always been there… and just recently been seen or realized. Over here it’s been a slow 40-50 year “slipping” into just “that.”
    thanks for all of your work here.

  3. Davidya

    Hi Bob
    Thanks. I’ve found that each of us have a unique contribution to the process that’s typically driven by how we experience the unfolding. Some find me too wordy, for example. (laughs)

    I’ve had the good fortune of being present during a number of peoples wakings and have supported others through the transitions. I’ve found that when someone “wakes up”, I and others can often feel the shift, like an aspect of myself has woken further. If I was to meet someone on the street, I would not be able to tell their stage unless there was a high resonance. However, I have met several people who seem to be able to literally see this. That gives them a skill to help people make the shift.

    I’ve also had a long path with a strong mind that needs to understand. It’s taken some time to gel it enough to grok it, then find the language. My journey has been a little non-standard which propelled me to step beyond the models and look deeper. It’s also been less slipping and more leaping, followed by a time of adaptation. A little bumpier but it can make the steps more distinct. (laughs)

    I’ve found that once a decent model is there, almost all descriptions fall into place like a giant jigsaw. Eventually, I hope to put this into book form so it can be detailed more fully and systematically.

  4. Davidya

    Hi Bob
    No, I don’t do any formal teaching per se. I expect I will eventually.

    A couple of years ago, a group of other bloggers and I did a group post on forgiveness. I did a podcast version of that but I see WP has pulled it. (something upgraded)

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