The Living Universe

The Living Universe

I don’t know anything about Eligio or his Imagery process but I thought this experience was quite interesting.

“…I then felt myself being whisked off into the cosmos, further and further, beyond the sun, beyond our solar system, beyond the Milky Way. And even further until I was in the edge of the universe, and still further until I was at such vantage point that I could see the universe in its entirety. I was stunned by what I saw: the universe was alive! And it was a single organism of awesome complexity, but whole and totally integrated. I recognized that it was still in the stage of its early development, comparable to a fetus, still differentiating the various aspects of itself. I saw how everything that exists, including me and every being was a part of that awesome being. We were aspects of its components just like the various parts of own our being are aspects of who we are. I saw that everything that exists is part of a greater whole and that the whole requires every part in order to be fully who it is. Every part is essential. And out of this a harmony ensues.”

“Every aspect of the Universe, including us, has a place of relationship with it. We are perhaps the only beings who think that we are somehow independent, not realizing that our most profound task is to remain aligned with the Universe, in relationship with this awesome, vast being. And that our own wholeness is vital for the wholeness of the Universe. And only in this way do we ultimately come to experience our own place of belonging in the Universe.”

~Eligio Stephen Gallegos PhD, “Into Wholeness: The Path of Deep Imagery”

What’s notable is that the human physiology can also be experienced to be the universe (Aham Vishvam) or a mirror or reflection thereof. In the Mahavakyas, I outline other layers to this. We can experience being the body of Nature (Devo Hum), containing all of its laws or devata. And we can experience being the Cosmic body (Aham Shrivhir), that which contains all of Nature and all of the universes. And finally, I am the Veda (Veda Hum), I am all knowledge which is the source and structure for all that follows.

Each layer both contains all the prior ones and can be said to be a reflection of the higher value. As above, so below. But it’s worth noting that this doesn’t mean that our human body, the universe or the Cosmic body look the same. Their expressions correspond to the laws at play and the way they’re experienced. The container also doesn’t look like the contents, just as a pail doesn’t look the water carried within.

Additionally, how the part appears in relation to the whole varies. He mentions how we as humans are an integral part of the universe. In the same way, we as points of observation are an integral part of  cosmic awareness.

We live and have our being in the the most profoundly magnificent creation, far beyond anything a human imagination could conjure up. And yet we are an intimate and key part of that. Without everything, there is no wholeness. It is wholly inclusive and total. We are inseparable from our unchangeable being.

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