Simple, Simple

Simple, Simple

I’ve talked before about simplicity. At its essence life is simple. It will always take the most simple, direct and efficient route to get the job done. Thus, if we are seeking the right solution to a quandary, we can ask what is simple? Where is this simple? Is there an angle you can take to make it so?

Now, there is an aspect that complicates things. If the trend of our actions has not been aligned with simplicity, some corrective measures can be needed to bring things back aligned. Then will the main act unfold. A series of “situations” may arise in our life that are designed to adjust course. When there are several of these at once, it may seem our life has become complex and moved away from simplicity. The complexity however is only in the field of action, not in the flow of consciousness itself. And its only short-term corrections to create long-term smooth.

In addition, our individual desires may arise that compete with both the play of action and the unfolding fullness. Thus there is the flow, the field of action and our desires at play. Synced, it can be remarkable. Out of sync and we suffer. (curiously though we’re never really out of sync – only our perception is off)

The process is a little like when we turn on a garden hose and the debris gets washed to the side. If we’re absorbed in the debris, we will feel buffeted by change. But if we’re in the flow, we’ll experience apparent obstacles being removed. The same thing is happening. It’s just being seen from a different place.

Sometimes, we’ll find aspects of change that are less comfortable. Perhaps, for example, we like what showed up in our life but were less comfortable with how it showed up. Another point is that part of the efficiency of nature is its tendency to bring what’s needed only when it’s needed. ie: we experience it arriving at the last minute, past our comfort zone.

Even in the complexity of action, each aspect is simple. It’s only in the breadth of simple moves that we experience complexity. This reminds me of fractals. Highly complex perturbations said to map the underlying movement of nature and underly apparent chaos. Yet fractals arise from very simple formulae (relationships).

One helpful tip is to listen to how it feels. For one thing, feelings are closer to source. And as a friend said recently, the heart gets it much faster than the mind. What feels easy, smooth? The answer only awaits our listening. Although we do have to be alert to what’s resisting.

Keep it simple. (aka KISS)

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  1. Ben

    “Another point is that part of the efficiency of nature is its tendency to bring what’s needed only when it’s needed. ie: we experience it arriving at the last minute, past our comfort zone.”

    Excellent point! I have noticed this all my life. I used to name myself the cardiac kid for hitting the game winning shot just as I was about to go down.So many times I couldn’t begin to count I have been yanked by the britches into just what was needed.

    “One helpful tip is to listen to how it feels.”

    This is so huge and has taken decades to learn, and I still have to watch thought from bringing in the brass band and ruining the sensitivity to feeling.

    Lately, the feelings are not caring about the circumstances and feeling the essence of the situations. So what looks like craziness to thought and conditioning is the correct flowing movement or stillness based on feeling. It is starting to get fun, what has been scarey for decades.

    Looks like world circumstances may be giving us an opportunity to be good and overwhelmed mentally so we have no choice but to trust feeling or ???

    Great Post!

  2. Davidya

    Hi Ben! Thanks for the feedback. I like how you put this. I had several rather last minute opportunities that lead to this last years education. My return home was marked with much less of the ‘last minute’ variety which certainly was easier.

    Yeah, not so easy to learn. Requires that surrender of control. The “brass band” (laughs) – well put.

    Yeah – circumstances are rising to stir the pot and bring shadows into the light. We have the opportunity to work through it or suffer. The first choice can seem harder but actually its not. And the results are much better. That’s another good thing to learn.

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