Memory Continues

Memory Continues

Last month I spoke of the subtler values of Memory, what is called Smriti in Sanskrit. We could say consciousness is remembering itself through us. Reality is structured in the core intelligence of being. But the vastness of this remembering is rather hard to comprehend. And although it’s all one thing, this remembering is as if layered.

Firstly, everything is being remembered in the eternal now, all at once. In every moment, everything has happened. All of the past, present and future is only now. This is not just events we might find in a newspaper, but everything experienced by every person everywhere in all times. Plus the experiences of every devata, animal, insect, plant and inanimate object that has ever been, anywhere. Every grain of sand in the universe. Every universe in creation. Every creation in Being. Right now.

This may perhaps begin to give you a sense of how vast we are as consciousness. As That, Tao, Brahman. This ‘all of everything’ is known by consciousness right now, both as an experience and as an alive memory. They are in essence the same thing.

At the same time, every point within consciousness is also experiencing itself. It’s like a recursive fractal of every point, going into itself in fine detail to know itself more fully. This happens both in scale and resolution. We call this our apparent individual lives, following an apparent timeline, unfolding within the totality of now.

So we see both a macro inclusivity and a micro ever-refining detailing that happens on multiple scales concurrently. These are not separate things but rather one process happening at all values.

We can also note both a size scale and a refinement (or resolution) scale that interpenetrate. We are primarily and habitually tuned to scales we normally interact with. With average perception we are unable to see much smaller size scales without aids like microscopes. But we are also unable to see (or measure) more refined scales, whatever the size, unless we also refine the process of perception.

In spite of the grand scale suggested by the Now above, there are various perspectives, including from modern physics, that suggest humans sit somewhere in the middle of the size scale. And towards the lower end of the refinement scale. For example, on the scale of Kalas, humans begin at 4 out of 16. Interestingly, Kala means time or attribute in Sanskrit. Both are qualities of the process of experience, that which defines our perception.

These clips don’t reflect reality itself but can give you a sense of the detailing mechanism. They are explorations in fractals, simple recursive formulae that have surprisingly organic qualities.


Mandelbrot zoom:

(the edge of the black regions are the event horizon)

An interesting aside is that while creations and universes and people come and go, memory remains. And thus, we rise again in vast time scales beyond imagining. Super deja vu. 😉

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