The Knowable Future

The Knowable Future

Is the future knowable?

Certainly lots of people build models to try to predict economic trends, population growth, and so forth. And we can say that the future is built of the consequences of the present. But because there is so much going on in the present that we’re not aware of, it becomes difficult to predict how things will play out. How do we measure and calculate everyone’s different moods, for example?

Physics suggests that time is not only one way. While we experience it in a linear way, past to future, the future can also be proved to influence the present. This is known as reverse or retro-causality. And that of course gets into all the debates around the effects of time travel. But what if, rather than traveling around in time physically, we simply explore within awareness? What if we just witness what is there?

In another perspective, past and future are only now. As the future is now, it is quite knowable. Yet at the same time, if individual awareness or focus has not yet moved along that part of the local timeline, it has not yet been fully expressed, fully known. We can see the generalities but not the specifics.

We can understand this better using the memory perspective. Everything is arising out the memory of That, the allness or divine. It is being remembered into experience. We then experience that process at every point within that vastness. But how we respond to those memories arising varies a little. This causes these little vacillations in possibility. A little left or right of the path or timeline.

This gives us both the unknowable factor and the need for us as individuals to fully experience what is being remembered. It is how the future becomes fully known in the present, how That comes to know itself more thoroughly.

In fact, we could say these little vacillations due to individuality are why its being remembered again. Why God would want to see the same play again. A little like watching a movie again and seeing some different things this time.

Pretty amazing movie. I hope you have a 5 star role. If not, why not? Isn’t that the point? 😉

PS – just listening to Denise Hagan sing “If you could see what I see you’d never lose your smile, For you walk in my own footsteps when you walk that second mile”

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