Knowing Everything

Knowing Everything

Kasminnu bhagavo vigyate sarvam idam vigyatam bhavaiti
Know that by knowing which everything is known.

— Mundaka Upanishad 1.1.3

Bhaga means God
Vigyat I don’t know but is clearly about knowing as it repeats
Sarva is everything, whole
Bhava means becoming

Thus we can see the context. This is not referring to knowledge of superficial values of things. It is knowledge of wholeness or unity and of becoming, of God expressing. Only from the level of wholeness expressing can we have the big picture.

Once established, that is not lost in the details.

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  1. This quote came to the forefront after reading this post.

    “The truth cannot be remembered because it cannot be forgotten.” Nisagardatta Maharaj

    I finally see that quote now, wow..

    Also i’ve been having a discussion with my friend in terms of resist not evil, and of course he had the opposing belief that to resist evil. The bible supports both of them… and then I realized how meaningless it was to argue either one… I saw it that whatever the universal circumstance required was what was going to happen in that moment. So sometimes to see clear sighted it would appear like the resistance is there but others it would appear that it is not so.. If the ego is not there, where does the resistance ever come.

  2. Davidya

    It is interesting. Some describe it as remembering, but that’s more the subjective way it is experienced as the veil lifts. It was never forgotten but we remember this too. (laughs)

    Yes, the ego and deeper identity cause a sense of separation and thus arises perception of duality, of good and evil.

    It is also useful to remember how truth shifts in different states of awareness. In separation, evil is very real and must be resisted. In detachment, evil is just part of the play of action. We allow it to be there and don’t fight it or support it. In wholeness or unity, evil is an effect of limited awareness, seeing just one side of what is actually whole, one.

    Yes, what is needed is what arises. In many cases “evil” is simply perceptual. But there is a deeper value of evil that is not supportive of anything. That too can end, discussed back here:

    Thanks for your thoughts, o liberated one. 😉

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