Giving Challenge

Giving Challenge

I’ve spoken about Gratitude here a number of times. It was a key step in my own cleaning house. It is an excellent preparation for awakening as it helps us to let go of resistance to what is. It is an opening to be happy and happiness is the nature of reality.

There are a number of variations on this that can similarly trigger this OKness.
Many faiths suggest tithing 10%
Many people do service like volunteering or simply helping others, Altruism
I mentioned Gratitude Week to end homelessness.

Ran into this today – the 29 Day Giving Challenge. Their goal is to “revive the giving spirit” in the world. Under “How it Works”, see the Story for the impact this can have, including healing, and her note about not making a list and trying to control the process. She understood that manipulating the process would defeat the purpose. This is about inner healing, not outer doing.

The key of course is where we’re giving from. Because we’re supposed to? Because it makes us look good? Or is it a celebration of Thanksgiving? True Altruism does not result from loyalty or duty or moral obligation. (not that these are bad) It is giving without seeking reward or benefit. We may have to do some clearing like forgiveness to get this right.

We could get into a big philosophical or ethical debate around altruism. But really, it is very simple. It is stepping out of the perspective of a me and seeing things a little more from the we. That we’re in this together. Indeed, the Kabbalah is said to define altruism as the desired goal of creation. It is the compassion of Buddhism. In the Bible, “love seeks not its own interests.

Give of yourself. There is no other.

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