The Song in the Key of Life

The Song in the Key of Life

When we listen to the radio, we’ll tend to hear songs about love. Love lost, love’s pain, love wanted, love remembered. But this love is the shadow love, the emotional love of duality. We know this because it brings pleasure and pain and it does not last.

Real Love is much deeper. It is the love of creation itself, flowing without end. It cannot be lost or damaged or taken away. It arises within us rather than being caused by or dependent on  something/someone outside. It is beyond ideas like space and time, yet they arise within it. It is the very love of our being.

That divine love of creation infuses everything. It can be seen as a golden glow to all life. It can also be heard, heard as the song of life itself.

I have described being becoming through a systematic process. Vibration leading to subtle form, to fields, and expression. This can be seen but it can also be heard.

The beginning is vibration or tone. The classic mantra Om or Aum, the primordial sound of becoming. The vibration begins to step into rhythm and metre. What are described as the Vedas arise. The structure of intelligence, the bija or seeds of becoming. These are parallel to seed forms, the primary geometry of spacetime described by Buckminster Fuller and others.

Those subtle forms give rise to the field stage. This is a kind of simultaneous explosion and implosion, the origins of force that Nassim Haramein describes. The intelligence steps from rhythm into song. All of creation bursts forth into music.

Plato described the large scale of this, the Music of the Spheres. But it takes place at every scale, even just walking down the street or looking at this screen.

The Vedas describe a “loka” or world of music called Ghandarva Loka. In a way, this is a separate place, just as your personal reality is. But that place is not separate from the whole. It is simply that level of resolution where the world bursts forth in song. We can step into a reality or step back into the larger reality.

It’s very much like we may describe the roots of music:
Vibration > Rhythm > Metre > Pattern > Music

I’m looking forward to the day when this form of music is rediscovered. Imagine music that, rather than sharing our sorrows, amplifies the happiness within. Which brings the flow into the field of senses. Where love, light, and bliss can be heard and felt tangibly.

Occasionally, we may hear examples Rise Up in Song.

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  1. Ah yes, the melody, very enjoyable post to read. I too await the re-discovery of that melody within, that vast silence that pervades all yet cannot be contained with words itself. The mind cannot contain it but very aware that it is there.

    Its quite funny how we’re all searching to become something to find that we were what we were searching for, but still the thought is there that we need to become something. So how to become no-mind? Can the answer be as easy as Awareness (i say easy, but in reality its complex because of its wiping away of habit programming)? That it has been there all along, that we have been missing it all along?

  2. Davidya

    There is also the idea of a “true name”, a name that encapsulates our being. We could say that’s the name of our song. (laughs)

    Yes – we seek to become something we already are. It is a curious journey.

    Thanks. I’ve not done any affiliations so far but do sometimes haunt a few blogs when the discussions get good. (laughs) You may find a couple of the blogroll you’d enjoy. Am open to possibilities.

    Today is catch-up day. Got behind on articles so am finishing them up and posting. I think I just broke my old record for posts in a day. (laughs) A little hard on regular readers…

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