Secrets of Success – Addendum

Secrets of Success – Addendum

Lists from part one.

Richard St. John found 8 common factors:

1) Passion – for love, not money
2) Work – it’s hard work but fun when in passion. “Workafrolic”
3) Good – get good at it, practice practice practice
4) Focus – focus on one thing
5) Push – push yourself through personal obstacles, shyness, doubt.
6) Serve – what do you offer of value
7) Ideas – listen, observe, be curious, solve problems, etc.
8  Persist – through failure and crap.

Some of Napoleon Hill‘s 17 principles are similar to the above, like:
Develop Definiteness of Purpose
Enforce Self-Discipline
Create Personal Initiative
Control Your Attention
Go the Extra Mile
Cultivate Creative Vision
Learn From Adversity and Defeat

Others are more on building a network, law of attraction and self care:
Establish a Mastermind Alliance
Inspire Teamwork
Assemble an Attractive Personality
Maintain Sound Health
Budget Your Time and Money
Use Applied Faith
Build a Positive Mental Attitude
Control Your Enthusiasm
Think Accurately
Use of Cosmic Habitforce (the 17th)

The 17 with details

The Difference by Jean Chatzky lists 20 key traits of which 12 or more are typical for someone wealthy. As the book is new and copyright, I will simply mention she has 5 each in 4 groups:

– Financial Attitudes and Behaviors, including risk, managed debt, and savings

– Goals such as wanting wealth, a home, and a clear passion.

– Personality that includes confidence, optimism, leadership and related traits.

– Non-financial Behaviors like having a degree, socializing and taking care of themselves.

She explores the 20 points in more detail as well as other contributing factors. She also explores their absence or opposites in those of descending wealth (debt). She touches on entitlement too, such as how some “high creatives” consider themselves above the mundane. The book highlights how such wealth building can take place even in an economic downturn.

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  5. Uzma

    Heya Davidya.
    Am stuck in phase one still. To find the purpose, or rather have discovered the purpose as you say it, its finding the passion that is hard. Rather in finding my passion, I discovered the seeker in me and finally discovered the purpose of being a conscious expression of Consciousness.( you know what I mean).

    So the journey out of suffering, the questioning mind, and the search for a passion, lead me to the world of Spirit. Which is great, yet then why struggle with passion . What is it that I am not being able to see in and of myself? How does one do this?

    I wish I could be told, like you say you were. Very lucky.

  6. Davidya

    Hi Uzma
    (laughs) Not so easy. It was nice to be told. It brought some sense to my life. But how a broad purpose is applied is not so simple in our whacky world. Hence the long discourse on ‘obligation’ and other apparent interference. Even when you have a long term vision of where this goes, how to apply it to what’s happening now is not so simple. Well – it is simple, but the mind makes it complicated. (laughs)

    How to take that purpose or dharma into passion is another layer. And obviously an issue for many, given the feedback on Without Meaning as well.

    I’ll draft a post on this.

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