The Good Story

The Good Story

As we move through the spiritual journey, who we are changes several times. This means that what we perceive changes and thus what we choose. The choice we make.

For example, our relationship with the world might go through a series of “reality” shifts like this:

The world is real and solid
We believe the world is illusion
We experience that the world is illusion
We wake up from the illusion of the world
We clear the identity illusions we hold
We see it’s all a divine play.

In a way, all of this is a way to shift from the first to the last. Thus, it is a series of transitions, temporary states to work through.

Because the world can be seen as illusion in some way or another for awhile and what motivated us to act falls away, we can be left in a place of meaninglessness. In it’s higher form, it is a meaninglessness of the world, not of life. In fact, we can be in a place of bliss and love. Without the old need drivers to act, we simply enjoy without our former motivation. In it’s lower forms, it can be a darker period. There has been internal spiritual growth but that has not yet translated into expression in the world.

But lets explore this whole illusion business. We might say the world is illusion so it has no meaning. But as Byron Katie suggests, flip it over. The world is only meaning.

Meaning is those qualities which mind associates with an experience. The act of giving something a name and meaning changes it. It creates a story about it. The object is no longer just seen, it is put in context and relationship to our experience.

In other words, meaning is a story we add to our experience to relate to it. To fit it into our story. And notably to remember it. Without it being catalogued and classified, the memory is very difficult to access.

If meaning is just a story, then meaninglessness is also a story. It can seem that it’s the end of the story, the lack of a story. But really, it’s a story of no meaning, which means it actually is meaning saying it’s meaningless. (laughs) While elements of the old story have fallen away, enough still exists to say the story should be in a certain form. A kid of ‘old way or no way’ sentiment. This is much like the ego saying it’s wrong but a little more subtle. This is how we know it’s still a story.

Everything in the world is intended. If we don’t intend, we are failing to express what we have gained. As we are here for Self to express and thus know itself, we are failing to complete our task.

This is not about blame. We all require some time to see and integrate each opening that arises. But it’s worth understanding this, lest we get caught in a rut.

When you have a clear intention, that is all it takes to create. Like the light bulb that goes off in the head, something comes into being.

But how does one shift from a story of meaninglessness to a story of meaning? Well, we could talk about God’s dream, why the world is here. But the shift is in something subtler, in how we feel. As always, it’s feeling that sets the energy value, feeling that brings our story alive. Love, happiness, and gratitude will draw our energy up, while lower energies will draw us into holding, keep us from moving.

These are the kinds of things we don’t need to just understand – that’s just more story. This is stuff we want to realize. To experience directly.

This is where we want to light the fire in our belly. Call forth the tiger or dragon. Enact will and faith. The fuel for the fire is passion from the second chakra.

Say it – c’mon baby light my fire. (laughs)

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