The Spiritual Ego

This last spring, I had a correspondence with Katie Davis. It was a little awkward, it turned out to be because we use some terminology very differently. I’ve spoken in the past about the spectrum of teachers that arise from the spectrum of awakenings. From those in long, deep traditions to the instant and unexpectedly awakened.

I explored this further in the recent Awakening is Without Rules, using a bit of Katies description of her shift. It was our disconnect that also lead to further musing on the subject and reviewing our correspondence.

In a recent newsletter, Katie shared an earlier article I thought quite good, The Spiritual Ego. She indicated the blog is “just stream writing”, without editing whereas the newsletter is “polished up a bit”. I’ll be quoting from the newsletter version.

talks about how the mind can arise again after early awakening to try and co-opt it. It will be seen through but this process can take time. Katie is describing this process, observing that everything is transcended into full embodiment, even the observer.

“One of the reasons that I wrote my book, Awake Joy, was to discourage any sense of “arrival” in those who are spiritually awakening. There simply is nowhere to land in this free fall of wonder. The feet never again touch the ground.”

“Somewhat free of identified compulsive thinking, a sense of well-being comes to the forefront and there is a tendency for some to say “this is it.” For many, this is the birthing of the spiritual ego.”

“As any other reference point, there is nothing to be “done” about it. That would only be the spiritual ego becoming a better spiritual ego. The invitation is the same. Be still without any sense of arrival. Just as the “traditional ego” awakened to a “new dimension,” there will layer upon layer that continue to dissolve.”

“As long as you find that the reference point you are looking from is within the field of experience, more will be burned away. We call it the Fire of Truth for a very good reason. That fire is the extraordinary power of conscious allowing. That Awareness will burn everything into Itself. When no negativity remains, ecstatic love, bliss and peace of the sacred are consciously permanent.”

“Virtually everything in modification or that you are aware of as experience will eventually be surrendered … and this surrender happens by itself … as long as you are willing to remain still; “not knowing” in lieu of “I know.”

This gives the impression of deepening, but that perception is false.”

“Self-realization brings full embodiment of the Totality through complete integration of the universe. In other words, not one thing is “omitted” … other than fear and its suffering; even that is realized as an altered state, if it appears.”

The entire post is well worth the read.

Note that she refers to what I call ‘higher states of consciousness’ as “altered states of consciousness”. She uses ‘Self realization’ as full embodiment, suggesting unity and GC come before this. From her description she seems to use unity and self realization in reverse of how I use them.

She indicates that one is totally awake and free or not. That there are no real states or progression as these all fall away. Needless to say, she likes Ramana Maharishi and Nisargadatta. (laughs)

From our correspondence she said “Who You are is free of all points of reference and absolutely permanent, unwavering, free of the appearance of modification. You do not become or attain this … you are this now, so the false is surrendered … and ever more subtle levels of the intellect … and what remains is Awake.”

While this is true, I try to speak to the experience as it is. How the process is being experienced. We can see this may lead to mistaken ideas yet may help someones progress through that stage. This is the debate in approach and the value of various outlooks.

It is certainly fascinating to explore and valuable to recognize the many perspectives.

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