What’s the Point?

What’s the Point?

Recently, I had an off-line discussion with a reader I thought was useful to share here.

“If this world is nothing more than a dream, why would a person still care about the rules of action after he wakes up?”

Yeah, if it’s all just a dream, what’s the point? There are several places along our journey where we can run into this. One of them, Adyashanti calls the trap of meaninglessness. I blogged about that a few times.

The key thing is that the dream or play we’re talking about is quite different from the dream we have at night. At night, it is processing our emotions and experiences. Very personal. The dream of the world on the other hand is processing fullness. A means for Self to know Itself. The unfolding of God. Everyone is involved in that dream and our very being is to play our role in the process.

The reason we fall into a perception of meaninglessness is that we don’t yet have the bigger picture about what’s at play. And because we’ve lost our connection with the deeper values of the heart. We tend to fall into funks when the richness of who we are is not in our perception.

When we see the bigger picture and feel the richness of life, there is no meaninglessness. Life is a profound and perfect becoming in which we are a key player.

In the awakening example, if we’ve not done enough heart work yet, we may gain freedom. Even peace. But until the richness of sat chit ananda – absolute bliss consciousness – is a living reality, that step is not yet complete. Curiously, even that’s just the beginning. The full picture is yet to fully unfold.

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