During the approach to awakening, there can be the experience of the energy rising up to the crown of the head. Or there may be a sense of opening gates or removing barriers. After initial awakening when we become That, there is a decent of the divine in a reverse process. What Adyashanti described as “head, heart, and gut.” (in Emptiness Dancing)

“Literally, the energy within us goes up and out. Eventually, what will happen is that same energy, that same consciousness, will then come down and in…It will come back down and back into form, back into our humanness.”*

With the loss of the guts core fear and sense of identity, the division of inside and outside ends and unity begins to dawn. Even this though is not the end of the journey. The decent continues while the divine/spirit moves out into the world. This I’ve been calling Embodiment. Adyashanti calls it True Autonomy in his latest book, *Falling into Grace. (Ch. 9)

What I realized was that our true autonomy arises from a knowingness of unity, of oneness.”

In a continuation of the theme quoted in The Endless Path: “I realized that the ultimate destination of the person born in time and space is not simply to realize this enlightenment, but it is for the purpose of something quite different. In fact, enlightenment makes another movement of consciousness possible. This other movement is not really a waking up FROM our humanity, waking up FROM time and space, waking up FROM an individual identity. It is almost the opposite, where spirit comes into form and discovers this true autonomy.”

Embodying spirit is much more than just enlightenment. He speaks of Jesus and how “it allowed spirit to occupy his human life in a very awake way… it allows life to flower in a totally unique way, in a way that’s never been. So someone like Jesus was not the outcome of a whole line of others before him… Rather, he embodied a radical breaking away from the past. He brought in a whole new revelation – something extraordinarily unique and very dynamic.”

“But the powerful thing about the Jesus story is that he had some very human and very intense emotions.” It requires a willingness to fully occupy ones life.

It has surprised me what stays and what falls away on the human side. What turns out to be ego-driven or shoulds and musts that fall away. And what’s karma and divine that continue.

I’ve spoken before of how Adya describe how awakening creates a space. This can create a situation where what remains to be resolved rushes in to be seen. He goes on here: “The more awake we become, often the more capable we are of having life hand us bigger and bigger situations as our capacity to accept and embody our spiritual essence grows. So life can and does respond to that growth, and in many ways it tends to demand more and more from us.”

He speaks of how his teacher directed him to be self-referent from the beginning of his practice and warns against teachings that make you dependent. I would observe that it’s natural to be a keener at first. But one should be careful of a teaching that discourages you from becoming self-referral for understanding. It’s healthy to outgrow such.

“Ultimately, real autonomy is a complete allowing of spirit to inhabit your humanness and fearless willingness to allow this freedom to happen.”


A review of articles on his prior book: The End of Your World

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