Today I came across an Aussie teacher named Isira Sananda. She is part aboriginal and clearly awake. In this blog post, she talks about the process of awakening. She speaks of the falling away of the ‘somebody’, liberation, and, with “a saturated state of integration”, Oneness and LOVE. She does not define stages but rather a process.

“Firstly, Awakening has no exact definition. This is because Awakening is about a process of shifting from the unconscious states of the ego driven identity to a conscious and experiencing state of Self as the eternal awareness and Oneness of all life. It is also because it is a state in which we transcend definition and become pure being.”

Her biography touches briefly on her own awakening but apparently is in much more detail in her autobiographical book. Links are on the blog.

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  1. Davidya

    Hi Darren
    Interesting statement. I found nothing to corroborate that. And I can’t think of any reason why someone behaving and talking as she does would make false statements about their origins.

    I have not met her nor know anyone who has. But the material i read and heard pointed to an inner clarity. And a deeper understanding than many teachers. In that context, someones story about their life is largely irrelevant, except in so far as understanding how they awoke and what you might learn from that.

  2. I already covered this point in a prior comment, years ago.

    That you would be trolling the web looking her up to vent an old grievance speaks more about you than her.

    Awakening does not perfect the person and they may still believe things others may disagree with. The way the story is presented on her web site suggests she is openly celebrating a connection that her family had hidden. There is nothing to corroborate that and posting details may impact other family members who don’t wish that. Hard to say.

    But your disagreement doesn’t change her presence or clarity, even if the form may not be perfect. In other words, you miss the point. The point is not the details of the life but what is coming through that, what is behind that. Therein lies liberation.

  3. OK – one more time. This is a five year old article, a brief mention of an Aussie teacher. This is not the forum to debate her claims. I saw nothing about Mirning on her web site. There was a vague reference to having some aboriginal heritage, probably “illegitimate”. She wasn’t claiming to be part of a tribe, just having that unexpected background.

    I can appreciate that if you’re proud of your heritage, you would not want casual claims. But to call someone a liar because they’ve not taken the time to prove something to your personal satisfaction is to demean yourself.

    As I’ve mentioned, others of her family may not wish the connection to be publicized.

    You speak of truth but there is an old saying – what you put your attention on grows stronger. Who is it that is carrying the falsehood?

  4. The irony of the issue raised is the nature of the Internet – something I’ve written about on my other blog. The more comments about a subject you make – positive or negative, the more traffic you drive to the site. This is because the search engines that drive traffic are attention driven. Nature works the same way too.

    If you make efforts to discount something, you actually make them stronger. To paraphrase Mother Teresa, forget anti-war. Go for pro-peace. Let go of grievances, go for solutions.

    This is a great key to spiritual progress. Do you wish to live in grievance or in peace?

    Let the laws of action take care of her. The more someone lies, the less they will be heard. And the more someone grieves, the more they will live in grief. Your job is your life.

    1. You persist because you feel offended about something long ago. But the offense is taken by you, so it is about you and you who need healing.

      I can’t say if the story is true but it’s just a story. Stories are just mind and not truth. If you go beyond your stories about your identity and find out who you truly are, then you’ll find truth. Who were you before this life and who will you be after? These answers go beyond your current, temporary identity and will bring you to peace.

  5. shiv kvaasar

    If Isira’s story is true. It means all action emanates from love and when that love energy is corrupted by fear ignorance incomprehension unconscious acts occur. But that’s only theoretical.
    Love is unconditional acceptation of all that is and spreads infinitely from self to every wavicle.
    Infinite love to every wavicle

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