It’s Our Duty to Enjoy

It’s Our Duty to Enjoy

In response to feedback, Lucia has produced a beautiful reminder for the awake. Before awakening, being watchful of the mind is an important tool. After awakening, the duty is to enjoy, to bring bliss to the universe.

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“Prior to awakening to our real Self some deep self analysis can be valuable. But after awakening to our Infinity, our only responsibility is to enjoy.”

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  1. Ariel Bravy

    What she said about doubt being useful at first and then being something we let go of, that’s so bang on.

    Thanks for continuing to post these videos. Deep down we all know this already, yet it can be nice to get this confirmation from others that yes yes, nothing is going wrong. It’s happening just the way it should. 🙂

  2. Davidya

    Thanks, Ariel. And to enjoy. Always a good reminder.

    Lorne and Lucia have become known very quietly by word of mouth. This is a small way I can let people know about them. For the ripe and newly awake, they are a great resource.

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  5. Carol

    This is wonderful a blessing, its pure grace to hear others speak in kindred. There is only one Self. I am intoxicated with life. Nothing else is needed only to bring this joy to others.

    I do have a question, has any one else had this nectar like substance descend into the throat and produce such bliss? I’m not sure what it is some one called it amrita but theirs not much written about it. Does any one have any information on this? There are so many fairytales and stories out there perhaps this is a good place to find out. I have a friend who wants to cut the tendon in his mouth for some weird practice to get to this soma. For me this is natural and unplanned, friends don’t listen like a serious student does, but information may give some insight.

    Love blessings

  6. Davidya

    Hi Carol
    Glad you enjoyed that. I think it’s the most popular video they’ve done.

    With the increase in sattva, soma begins to be produced automatically. Begins to help refine the nervous system. So yes, many many people have this. It may not be apparent to the gross taste until it is refined enough. But if you are seeing increased “natures support”, synchronistic events and such, it has begun. As the nervous system refines more, it becomes more apparent.

    Connecting with the silent being within is the way to bliss. Bliss, we could say is at the threshold, when we transcend into and out of pure being. It is the event horizon. It is the ground state of mind. When enough of that silent being is experienced, we will carry it with us all the time. Somewhere along there we will awaken, switch from being a person experiencing silence to silence experiencing the person. As that becomes increasingly established, the aliveness of bliss becomes the ongoing experience. Then, it doesn’t come and go. We live sat chit ananda. And that is just the beginning.

    Soma produces bliss for the devas, so that brings us increased support. It helps refine our nervous system which helps us experience bliss more easily. But it’s not the direct way to bliss. See above

    There are many texts in the east that speak of soma or amrita. The nectar of immortality, etc. The problem is, the gland is subtle, not physical. And there are many blissful words about it. In fact we could say that our world arises from an ocean of soma. Because there was not a basic understanding of what is being discussed, most of the translations are nonsense. Fairytales as you mention. Some are also written describing very high states of consciousness were reality is seen quite differently.

    I’ve also seen a massive academic text on soma, thinking it was a mushroom and the yogis were all stoned. (laughs)

    For your friend, tell him that would be a mistake. He won’t be aware of the soma already being produced. It isn’t a physical thing, so damaging himself physically will not help. Rather the focus should be on enough rest, an effortless meditation that takes you into silent being, and taking care of yourself. Then it will unfold via grace, “natural and unplanned” as you mention.

    It is not what we do that leads to soma. It is what we allow.

    Hope that helps. You can use the search tool here for more. I talk about soma /amrita here and there. I’m no expert but it should give you a better idea.

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