Letting Go

Letting Go

Takuin has written a post on Letting Go – the difference between allowing what is – letting go of the controller,  and the concept of letting go – making ‘what is’ wrong or not enough.

As he notes, the controller is very tricky, very subtle. But that aspect of making it wrong always gives it away. If the desire to change is there because it’s not good enough, this is a movement away from truth, away from what is. It is a looking to the future or past and a way to control it. Letting go is moving away from control into what is already present.

“…seeing the truth of what is present is stronger and more final than any fear that resides within thought.”

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  1. karmarider

    Letting go feels very difficult to do, until it doesn’t, and then it feels like the most natural thing in the world. I suppose what happens is that we are unlearning. In letting go of the angst to change or improve, the mind fears we are locking in a reality we don’t like. Only experience shows us the truth of this.

  2. Davidya

    Letting go is difficult when we try to resist resistance. (laughs) First is to see we are resisting, that there is a grip or holding or pushing against in some way. Second is to allow the resistance. Allow it to be as it is.

    The combination of seeing and allowing is what allows the resistance to end. This is how it is seen through. The big stuff can seem to arise in layers. Sometimes, quite a bit of dust or unsettledness can arise. Even fear. But if we allow this and take rest as needed, it will quickly pass.

    This way, we purify the body, we clear emotions, and we ‘unlearn’ incorrect concepts.

    Why does it work? Because it’s the only thing that’s true. Self seeing Itself move within Itself. Attention and flow. When we step into that, we shift closer to it’s completeness.

  3. Love this blog! I have been practicing the art of letting go and learning the Fear is just an illusion that keeps us thinking we are in control..when we really are not!

    I had a huge lesson in letting go today. It was beautiful and fun! I posted it in my blog, and yours popped up as something similar :).

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