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This blog is in many ways a reflection of my process. A write up but also a journal of a journey. Because it is written, it is more the conceptual journey that follows the experiential, when the mind catches up. (laughs) To make it an experiential blog would render it, I think, useless. Individual experiences are not commonality and can be widely misunderstood as they can only be appreciated from the perspective you have. Placed in context, they have a great deal more value in sharing.

It’s also a conversation of Self with Itself in a number of ways. I often have posts come out that I didn’t understand or know before I wrote them. But they’re still limited by what I can comprehend, so they mirror my process and limitations.

Every so often, something new comes along that pushes the boundaries quite a bit. That takes a grander vision to write. That stitches together apparently unrelated things. A couple of days ago on the bus, such a post started. Unusually, it’s needed a rewrite. It took a little digesting to get, to move past existing concepts.

Essentially, the model opens up the lower 2 chakras to divinity, includes them in the opening journey. Under the core identity. I’ve touched on this before, but not from completeness.

Originally, I realized there was not one illusion to wake up from, but 2. Then 3. These reflected the 3 stage nature of the awakening process – head, heart and gut. Realization of Self, God, and Unity. The 3 Am-egos. This next stuff continues the process but is more subtle as it has no thought forms or other things for the mind to latch on to. But it is the reason there is grasping, resistance.

It doesn’t seem that it voids the previous ideas. Teachers I know who describe post-Unity, no longer do so in terms of “states” of consciousness. One has become all things. One is consciousness Itself, no longer a state of. But there is still further deepening or stages of Unity. This is more a refinement, a more inclusive vision.

Part of the completion of that process is clearing the final resistances. This allows the further opening and refinement.
Coming soon…

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