Falling Away

Falling Away

When you can see that all experiences are equal expressions of the One… and that feeling bound is just as much the One as feeling free…only then does the inner division, better known as ego, fall away.
— Adyashanti, opening to the video Falling Away

Notably, this also covers why perfection is not necessary to wake up. The One is all inclusive.

In the video, he goes on to say “there’s one definition of ego…there’s something wrong.
It was quite a surprise… that there’s nothing wrong.

“Seeing the very structure of ego…[often we hear a teaching] that there is a problem and it’s name is you.”

“The only thing that considers that ego needs to be gotten rid of is ego because the only thing that believes in ego is ego… There is not an ego. You are either divided, in conflict with yourself, which gives rise to egoic thoughts and actions or there isn’t division, but there isn’t an ego. There isn’t an entity to get rid off.”

[this is why the ego seems to die – when it is seen through, it ceases]

“Anything that’s fully fully transcended is fully accepted.”

“Remember, your ego won’t accept anything because it’s non acceptance.”

“It associated being with inaction…[but] seeing that One is everything is energizing.”

“If you’ve seen through it with yourself, you’ve seen through it with everything.”

“You’re awakening from your awakening.”

Falling away is available for download from Adya’s web site.

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  1. Davidya

    It’s worth mentioning that Adya had a big Oneness experience with his Self awakening. So here he associates Oneness with ego. I tend to use ego for the mind construct that falls away with first realization and Identity for what divides that falls away before realization of Oneness. However, many also experience Self as an internal Oneness and use ego more broadly to cover all that divides.

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