Energizing Cooperation

Energizing Cooperation

Over on Basic Skills, I touched on the process of intention. Getting clear on what you want to accomplish and proceed to results.

As I have discussed elsewhere here, what gives an intention energy is emotions. The feeling value. The deeper we can connect with feelings, the more energy it will have. Love is the purest, most powerful. Overflowing with love automatically engages everything. The universe is expressing through you so everything is supported.

This is why being OK with what is is so important. If we are not OK with what is, we cannot go to the next step and love what is. When we can love what is, we are energizing the power of the universe behind us. We are putting the universe on our side, or rather getting on track with the universe.

On the flip side, if we are fighting what is, we are fighting the power of the universe. We cannot win. It’s not even a contest. We are only fighting ourselves.

This leads us to the missing point in Basic Skills. We are not in this alone. We are intending of the universe, for the universe. Stepping into the flow of the universe means loving what is. In loving what is, we are blessing those laws of nature that have been working to support us. In complaining, we are crapping on their efforts. Think that’s validating? Impressed your team is still working with you?

You can personalize these laws of nature as devas or angels, or you can keep them as laws of nature. It doesn’t matter. What matters is attitude. If everything is consciousness, it’s all conscious. Field values that precede form are the domain of the laws of nature and feelings. So you can tune feelings to tune fields. Use your energy to support theirs.

The process remains the same, but it should be laid over an emotionally supportive tone. A tone of love, of gratitude, of blessing, or of thankfulness. However you best find to express your thanks for the support you receive.

If you feel your life has not been supported, ask yourself if you have been supportive of that which supports you? When you look more closely, you may be startled at the gifts you are receiving, some completely missed in our absorption in what we don’t have or our problems.

From that place of thanks, intend, allow their process, take whatever steps you need to take to support it, allow them to do their jobs. When its complete, offer them your heartfelt thanks.

Having been a person in the head for much of my life, I’ve tended to separate the mental intention and the emotional thanks. They belong together. And that can dramatically enhance the cooperation of the universe with your life. Not to mention your return to what is. And that is the greatest blessing you can offer.


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