5 Step Prayer, or so

5 Step Prayer, or so

Recently, a friend described the “5 Step Prayer” from Science of Mind.

1) Recognition – there is only God
2) Unification – you are One with God
3) Realization – the affirmative statement of change or manifestation
4) Thanksgiving – the feeling of gratitude and acceptance
5) Release – let go and let God, the completion of allowing.

They are not really steps but rather a process to make it familiar, then it becomes automatic.

Someone else mentioned that prayer is talking to God while meditation is listening. This assumes prayer is Petitionary, a request from God. Back on Deep Prayer, I spoke of the deeper style called Intercessionary. This is the prayer of faith, of allowing or acceptance. Thy will be done.

What we’re talking of here is the first type. Law of Attraction, founded on divinity.

A little research reveals a number of other approaches to this. Some suggest you do it several times a day until it manifests. But doing it once deeply may be enough. Do it more to reinforce clarity. As Rev. Beckwith observes – don’t hammer it. That demonstrates you don’t believe it. If it’s not happening, is it because you need to do it more or because you need to act? Are you doubting (feeling against) or lacking clarity?

As the Yog Vasishta suggests, all arises from self-effort. This does not mean straining or forcing but simply acting towards. What is called tapas in Sanskrit, warming the way.

A Bahai approach talks about this:
1) Pray – Contemplate and Pray on it
2) Decision – Reach a decision and sustain it
3) Determination – carry through
4) Confidence – have faith that what is needed will appear
5) Act – Act as if it is answered.

This also touches on preparing. Knowing the right thing to ask for.

Perhaps a more complete process would be:

When a desire arises or there is a perceived lack:
1) Silence – step into the silence within. This is like step 1 & 2 of the first version, but not as a concept. This will be familiar if you meditate. One God and I am That if it is your experience.
2) Inquiry – bring up the idea and look at how it feels. What is the feeling behind it? Follow the drive to it’s source. If it is false, it will be seen through and dissolve. If it is true, you will connect to the power behind it. This helps you avoid empowering things that don’t serve.
If it is true, continue:
3) Clarity – from clarity and power, define the desire. This affirms it and brings it into mind. Writing can help here.
4) Intend – have the clear intention to complete the desire but avoid conditions. Those can activate resistance.
5) Gratitude – feel gratitude and bliss, the power behind the desire. Feelings are the energizers of manifestation, so this is a feeling step. Gratitude, bliss and love are the closest to source so most powerful in both expression and release.
6) Release – let go of the desire. Do not hold or resist how it will present itself. Put it out into the universe clearly and with feeling, then release. Prepare the right colour balloon, fill it with helium, and let it go.
7) Act – begin to act towards. Step into it. Not “as if” as that can be a form of holding. Look at how you can prepare for it but don’t expect it a certain way or you may miss the opportunities for fulfillment. Make room in your life and your heart.

You want a job, prepare and begin looking. You want a mate, is there room in your life? Prepare and begin looking. If you look without clarity and feeling, results will stumble. If you have clarity and feeling but don’t act, you limit opportunities being presented. Enable cooperation.

Yeah, that’s not 5 steps, but that is a complete cycle. Always begin in silence.

The cycle of intention and expression is taking place at every moment, throughout your life. These steps are designed to make it conscious so you can begin to participate more directly in becoming and shift awake from the shadow story. Into living your true story.

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  2. This is a great summary. Thank you Davidya. Meditation (or a prayer) in a nutshell. Very convenient and as always wonderful article. I used it on my blog, I hope you do not mind, I linked it to your article. Please let me know if it is a problem.

    Thank you again,

  3. Davidya

    Hi Elena
    Thanks. Don’t mind at all. Glad to have it get some exposure. Links like that are what brings quality readers.

    For myself, when I use the word meditation, I am not speaking of a contemplative practice like the above. I’m speaking of a way we use to connect to source or silence, as described in the first of the 7 steps. A connection to source prepares the ground, then the consideration/ prayer/ contemplation is clear and more potent.

    My own preference is for an effortless mantra type meditation as it’s easy and effective. I’ve written on this a few times, if it interests:



  4. That is exactly what I do. I look at it this way, sometimes I just meditate and other times I meditate and transition into a prayer, where by prayer I mean talking to God.
    I actually also like Eckhart Tolle’s advise. He suggests following “Who am I” meditation.
    “Who am I? – Meditation mantra, favored by Ramana Maharshi. Repeat silently every 30 seconds & pay attention to the space after the question.”
    I find it most helpful to focus, become present and quiet my mind, especially after a busy day, when it is hard to stop thinking. But it actually became a habit of mine to use Who am I every time as I start to meditate/pray.
    Thank you for the links, I will look at them next.

  5. Davidya

    Hi Elena
    Thanks for sharing that. Yes, paying attention to the space is the key there.
    And yes, “focus, become present, and quiet the mind” are the effects not the technique. This is important and oft misunderstood.

    I heard a teacher recently comment that Eckhart Tolle’s techniques were best for the newly awake, for learning to step out of mind habits. He developed them after waking for himself and then began teaching them. But if someone has the clarity such as yourself, there is benefit to such a practice.

    My own practice uses a mantra without meaning. I don’t dwell on responses or experiences, just let the mind go deep. This has been very effective. But I can’t say I chose the practice. More, it chose me. (laughs)

    Making the meditation aspect a regular practice is also good so that we don’t let life events rule our journey.

  6. Davidya, thank you for the kind words. At this time for me it is all about finding the way. Or shall I say allowing the way to find me 😉
    I completely agree, “A New Earth” gave me too, a reason to practice now and today and everyday going forward. Before it was mostly a believe and curiosity (hence much reading), after “A New Earth” it slowly begun to develop into knowing and wanting to know more and into a regular and deliberate practice.
    Thank you again. And I thank you for taking your time to speak to me. It helps and means a lot.

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