I am still regularly astonished with what happens. Many of us live in resistance to what shows up in our life. Ironically, we can be fighting what we want because it came in the wrong coloured wrapper. It didn’t show up the expected way.

Learning to be OK with what life brings you can take a lot of practice. Especially because life often uses the opportunity to throw you another curve ball. As soon as you get the lesson, it can come around again but now at a subtler level.

When you pass grade 54, 55 starts. It can be like peeling an onion, layer after layer. But if you pay attention, you’ll see that it is getting deeper. A little closer to the core. Sometimes, a little more difficult, more personal.

The key in this process is to learn to feel how it is. Not how you’re reacting and the superficial emotions but the subtler sense of it – perhaps it’s “rightness” or “goodness”. The mind may meanwhile be making a fuss, judging it wrong or saying “not logical!” But it’s the feelings to learn to trust. They’ll be the ones that keep you in the flow. If you can pay attention to that you’ll find life takes you places beyond your dreams.

You’ll find clear intentions show up and are easily maintained
Circumstances will arrange to support what is needed
Timing will be amazing – everything falls into place
Apparent problems may show up, but usually just to adjust the timing or tune some detail.

Sometimes, you only find out afterward how remarkable what happened was. It happened twice this week for me for bigger things, one of which is changing a loved one’s life completely.

As we let go and allow it to be as it is, the divine silent presence moves through us and our lives more and more. While what shows up can seem to be somehow more direct, life itself gets easier and easier. If we’re distracted by these new perturbations, we may not notice this. But life gets better, however it appears.

Now notice here that what makes life better is not life changing in any way. What’s changing is you – how you’re perceiving what is happening.

Of course, if you study gratitude or cooperation, you know that not resisting life will ALSO make the events of life better too. But not always in the way you might have once meant “better”. Perfect is much deeper than the minds conceptions.

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  1. Davidya

    Yes. Same with ideas like trust and allowing. Really simple but hard because its not a familiar way of being when we’ve been in the mind so long.

    Yes, it takes time and ‘testing the waters’ to gradually let go and discover how much more fun life can be with the ‘unlocked’ reality. 😉

    Thanks for your thoughts, Kaushik

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