Who is Awaking?

Who is Awaking?

In a discussion on another forum, an interesting aspect arose that was worth touching on here. How different reality is when the world is awake.

I’ve touched on the basic points here many times. The world arises in consciousness, formed of intention. Everything is intended. This also means everything is conscious.

But these days, in what the Vedas call Kali Yuga, that conscious quality is largely asleep in the most expressed values. The world has a shadow and sleeps or dreams in a world of separation. As humans, we express this as the ego idea of being individuals. We live in a fractured dream reality of our story.

As many have described, we are now moving into a golden age, a period of Sat Yuga. This means that people are awakening. But not just people. The whole world. Remember, there is no me and you, just we, us. Everything is waking up. Some things that have been in a deep slumber are now dreaming and beginning to stir. People, cultures and the environment are purifying.

The awake world is the origin of ideas like “spirits” of objects – the spirit of the earth or a mountain. When there is enough awaking, what has been “solid” becomes less hard. The intelligence of objects becomes awake, then more expressed, more creative. Objects express their joy through form. Flowers are the smallest taste of that.

The world becomes quite literally alive, the entire landscape a self-expressive work of art. The music of the spheres, the song of nature. This is much more than poetic license. Everything offers its gifts in joy.

It points to the profundity of the awakening underway. It is not just people that are waking up but all of nature. Everything, as there are no “others”. The One awakens to Itself. Are you ready to celebrate?

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