Within Habit

Within Habit

In Mind and Belief, I touched on how the habit mind works, the nature of belief, and the way of illusion.

But there is a deeper understanding we can explore. The mind stores data “in the field” so to speak, as structures within energy.

When the mind is thus so amorphous, it’s curious it can sometimes seem so hard to change. We can see that the flow of energy is directed to move within the construct, and thus take the form that is established. As the flow is continual, it has a certain momentum, some inertia against change.

Another way to look at this is devata. With the dawning of the witness or independent observer, there is a sense of no longer being the doer. Life happens, everything gets done, but one is the witness to what is occurring, not the actor. We shift from the stage to the audience in the play of life.

As perception refines, we begin to see the finer values of what directs that energy. The host of intenders. Everything happening, from the breeze to digestion, from perception to gravity, all of it is the directed movement of energy.

The directors are the devata, the energetic beings who get things done. They are what we might call personified laws of nature in local application. In other words, the law, as applied in this instance.

When we put our attention on something, the devata step in to do. They flow with attention and intention. Most things continue on an ongoing basis so the devata have a continuing role. This is the deeper momentum. When we have a habit of eating a certain way or living a certain routine, we have favoured certain laws and thus devata.

It’s kind of like we’ve established a business plan and hired the employees, only we did so unconsciously. They’re working hard for us, but may not be the best employees for the job. Some have attitude. Some have a sense of humor – especially if we’re easily swayed by minor events, like jam falling off the knife oddly.

Changing our energy is thus not just about changing habits of mind, but shifting the momentum of energy, the cumulative movement of the “staff”. As you shift the kind of energy you favour, some staff will leave and others show up.

Soon, the momentum will shift to a higher (or lower) energy and the consequences of that shift will begin to unfold.

While we may occasionally have a major shift in “staff” such as after an awakening, most of the process is a more gradual changeover. Occasionally, there will be some who resist change. Perhaps they’ll throw up some drama to distract. You may even run into some leeches who are even more resistant. But they too shall pass. They only get away with it by being unseen.

It should be noted that these are not “your” staff so much as staff assigned to you from the larger organization. HR is not your job, rather it’s a consequence of your attention.

Like any employee, they do better with appreciation. When you complain about everything that happens in your life, do you think you’re energizing cooperation?

Life is a playland. Have fun with it or you’re missing the point.

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