After Unity

After Unity

Back in The Journey 3, I spoke of what happens after the 2nd realization, the dawn of Unity Consciousness.

I’d like to explore that further. First, I would like to note that this is not a process of doing. This is a process of allowing, of opening to what is, now.

Let’s review first awakening or self-realization. In that process, we switch from individual experiencing Self to Self experiencing the individual. There is a quality of witness or observer. The body-mind continues to function as before but we notice we are no longer the driver.

After the switch, there can be a period of time where the mind tries to reassert. Some may even fall back into long term dramas for a bit. But the switch has been made and sooner or later clarity will dawn. The silence and bliss within will come to dominate the experience of the world. This is known as Sat Chit Ananda.

This is the standard process of growth – disintegration of the old, integration of the new, then a new balance. Aspects of each can be taking place at any time.

The process of Unity is somewhat similar but now on a larger scale. First awakening is the shift from ego self to one Self. Unity is the merging of subject and object. Of the fullness absorbing all within it.

As Adyashanti observes, the inner Self begins to move forward in the experience, absorbing the head, heart and gut. Another way to describe this is of the divine moving forward into the world.

From an energy perspective, there is the clearing of the energy channels and the kundalini up the spine to the crown. (this happens naturally with connection to the source) Some describe further chakras above the head, but I’ve found a better perspective is to see them as dual, the local energy going up, then the divine coming down and opening the higher values of each.

The heart part is a key aspect of the middle stage, the clearing and opening of the divine heart and the refinement of perception. That’s covered here. Lorne calls this the bridge to Unity.

As the above is cleared, the core identity in the gut or third chakra becomes conscious. It is a fear driven holding that has fueled the ego and emotional dramas. In being seen, this dissolves in smoke, what Loch Kelly calls the BBQ.

This is the death of the core identity, the sense of “me”, the thing you called “Bill” or “Carol”. We are more fully the Self and the sense of person overlay blows off, sometimes with a bit of fear drama.

Then we realize there is no longer an inside and an outside. The identity that held us separately is gone, so there is no longer a boundary. We could say it’s all inside, but inside infinite Self, not inside ‘me’.

unity in diversity
from a photo by Untitled blue

When you no longer have a name, that’s when it gets really interesting. Without an identity or outside, all of the internal constructs of the world dissolve. What Gary Renard called the disappearance of the universe. Everything we had held to be me is gone, now everything we have held to be the world ‘out there’ vanishes. In a simple intellectual moment, we realize none of it is there.

This may sound like a horrid disaster or twilight zone freak-out. But keep in mind it is taking place on a bed of silent happiness. We sit in an ocean of pure love. And the last fear has been dissolved. We are stepping into a sense of complete intimacy with everything. We become as one with all things and all things are one with us.

I only know a few people who have described this process in detail so I cannot confirm this is a complete picture. Some simply switch, unaware of the steps. People on a more heart centered path can simply dissolve into wholeness. The same process has occurred but allowing or surrender is more prominent that the intellect. Some people have tastes of it long before, but this is when they become reality.

I would love to share detailed experiences but it’s not considered of value. Better to describe the process and avoid misleading ideas. Each persons path is unique. What is important is not what they saw or did but what silence was doing.

As with the first awakening, there is the initial discovery, some settling in, and perhaps some identity shrapnel. Some core beliefs that have not yet been examined may arise in life circumstances and can been seen through and cast off.

The divine continues to move forward. The emotional body or 2nd chakra is cleared and absorbed, removing another layer of duality. We connect divinity to the social context of our life.

And then the divinity moves into our root center, connecting material expression and the divine. Until this time, there can be a dichotomy – the eyes still perceive the world as before (possibly plus some celestial values) but the entire rest of the experience is of a unified whole of consciousness. Now outward sense perceptions dissolve into totality. The root sense of being ‘other’, the last vestige of individual is gone.

At first, we perceive infinity in every point, every node or point of attention, wherever we cast our gaze is infinite. We see the silence vibrating within itself. Once ‘solid’ matter is seen as the vibrating movement of consciousness, much as physics has tried to describe it but real, before our eyes.

All of our reality is seen as the flow, movement of silent alertness within Itself.

We begin to see the world cosmically, as the cosmic “person”, so the increment we once called “me” becomes less and less prominent. I’ve touched on how all of the past collapses into the moment in The Past. There is also the experience of all persons collapsing into one person. We can “browse” persons and their story like shuffling through a deck of cards. Or we can see all beings standing in an ocean of love. There are many remarkable experiences of Oneness.

The sense of infinity in every point dissolves into totality in every point at the same time. Oneness in Oneness, each part the whole.

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  9. Gui

    Seems like that after unity life becomes the most beautiful paradise. Trutly incomprehensible to the human mind. Almost too good to be true haha.

    David, I would like to know your perspective on dimensions. In the new age channelings there are a lot of talk of dimensions, some say there are only 9, some say 12. And that humanity is progressing to the 5th dimension. Usually it is said that dimensions are vibration frequencys, not places. Would you share some light on this subject? Thank you sir!!

    1. Hi Gui
      My understanding of this process has matured a great deal since this article was written. Unity also progresses in stages where we progressively unite more and more of our experience into oneness. We experience, recognize that is also mySelf, and it unites.

      Ideally, Unity is something of a paradise. There can also be a honeymoon period early on where we enjoy the new. However, most of us have a lot of unmet trauma & karma that gradually surfaces to be processed. More significantly, if we are one with all, we see those parts of ourselves which are not yet awake and wish to raise those too. We’re no longer an individual but an expression of a shared wholeness. And yes, not something the mind can understand until there is some value experienced. I share mainly to support those going through the process, but also to upgrade some of the understanding.

      Your question raises such a point. Dimension has become a popular word in spiritual circles. Technically, it means a direction is space. It’s a mental construct used to map space that doesn’t reflect how space actually is. It’s not a cube, for example.

      If we’re using the term to describe another level of manifestation, it should technically be 3 dimensions for each. But that implies it’s a separate space when it’s not. All the levels are interpenetrating. It’s one space with levels of density and different qualities.

      As dimensions are just a way to model space, we can have as many as we want. Space itself doesn’t have dimensions. Even scientists are confusing the map and the road. There is also the issue of materialism dominating science. As a result they try to make everything physical. Forces have to have a particle, subtle layers are actually folded dimensions in the physical, etc. To me, it’s faulty mapping.

      Vibrational frequencies tend to have a direction of flow. You might call that a dimension, but relative to what? The Vedas describe direction as a quality of an object rather than a thing itself.

      I discuss the problem here:

      I talk about the levels here:

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