In This Journey and other posts here, I talk about sequence a lot. It’s the nature of process. Growth and development follows a certain spiral pattern – balance, disintegration, growth, integration and repeat. The evolution of consciousness follows a certain pattern. Life follows a pattern. Everything has an underlying structure that gives it a pattern and process. It is the inherent intelligence, built into everything.

But you may also note that I will frequently refer to apparent exceptions. Some understanding of the process that is not being met, some rules not followed. But this is not really the case. It is simply an observation that our expectations of how this process may apply to us may be wrong. As Forrest Gump would say, “Life is like a box of choclates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

There is broad overall patterns to growth and development. How we move through those processes varies widely. Growth is not a tidy sort of thing, so we will usually be working on several fronts at once- some clearing of the heart, some mental release, some vision, some new understanding, some fatigue, some resistance.

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In other words, how we experience the process will vary widely, but the fundamental process remains. At a certain point, we will achieve self-realization. We may at that point already be very close to further realizations, but we also may take a long time to settle into that first one. Only after Self-realization can we have God-realization. We cannot fully know God without knowing Self. Certainly we may have lots of experiences of God but realization means knowing what God is and that we cannot know until we know who we are. And we cannot know who we are from experience alone, only from becoming.

Due to the nature of the process, Unity normally follows God realization. But because it is a separate process, Unity may come first. This seems more common in the West where our culture does not celebrate the heart.

Put another way, the process and sequence remain but the details will vary as widely as there are individuals. That indeed is why there are individuals – to have as diverse a range of experience as possible.

Enjoy the journey!

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