The One Truth

The One Truth

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I talk a lot on this blog about perspective and reality. I harp a lot about what is true or real because a lot of people don’t quite grasp what these are. We are in a culture deeply rooted in the ego. A culture that makes wrong to make itself right. It sells newspapers and TV news. We are taught to think we must take a position for something and against other. We choose Darwin over Lamark, Christianity over Judaism, Democracy over Communism, Coke over Pepsi, Chocolate over Vanilla, and on and on ad infinitum.

Certainly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with making choices. We have our tastes and preferences. We are unique. The error is in making unconsidered choices, then in excluding all others. We may not care if some people like Vanilla but a lot of people care about other choices. They care enough that they define their identity with their choices. I am an accountant who votes liberal and goes to a baptist church, for example. But is that who you are? We mistake the content for the container.

In some ways, our choices reflect who we are. But in a deeper sense, they have nothing to do with it. What happens if you quit accounting and become a realtor? Has who you are changed? Or was it simply a change in choice? What we give our attention to. When we associate our identity with our choices, it makes change much more difficult. And it makes a review of our choices a threat to who we are. No wonder life can seem scary and rootless.

The underlying nature of all things is a formless, unmanifest potential. Because it has no characteristics, it cannot be directly described. This is a conundrum for the mind as it needs ‘handles’, but it somehow manages to build concepts anyway. Concepts about truth that then tend to get in the way of truth.

People often differentiate individual reality from higher truths by capitalizing the second. self and Self, truth and Truth, reality and Reality. The trouble is, we forget to ask who it is thats perceiving this Reality. This is an issue in science, philosophy, and religion. Its an issue because even though the higher Truths may be constant, HOW WE PERCEIVE THEM is not. There is one One, one Totality, but there are a myriad of ways of perceiving the One. As we grow and change, our understanding and perspective changes. And that changes everything.

If we study an evolutionary chart of humans, it is remarkable how many different perspectives or “states of consciousness” we can step through. I have listed some 7 completely distinct realities between which there are complete reversals of position on some things. And there are many subsets and variations on the theme.

In other words, Reality may remain unchanged but our relationship with it can change completely. Even on a day to day basis. There may be one Truth, but what is true for us is dependent on how we perceive our reality. So truth is relative. As we evolve and open, we can come closer and closer to an approximation of the One Truth, but I’m not sure there is time in a human life to simply take it all in. The highest truths are very simple, but they have a vastness that is almost incomprehensible.

In essence, that is the entire function of all this differentiation we call the world. To create as many different ways of knowing as possible. If we understand this simple point, we will see the point of all the variety and we may begin to better allow for it. The One comes to know Itself not through a few illustrious souls but through the opening of all of us. In the One, there is no other.

Thats magic. It makes change and the evolutionary process much easier. It makes the world a lot more fun. Indeed, if we fully grasp this, we discover there is no wrong, no mistake, no problem. It is perfection.

When there is no longer wrong, where is conflict? Where is stress?

I guess we could say that the One Truth is that we’re in this together. We are all aspects of the whole. The One Truth is inclusive of all truth in a magnificent synergy of relationship. There is no right position or vantage. And no wrong. When musicians practice, each on their own, its called a cacophony. When they move together, its called a symphony. We live in a symphony. To who’s beat do you play?


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  1. Hi Davidya,

    I like the line: “We mistake the content for the container.” There is so much truth in that one statement.

    Such a well written, though provoking post. You’ve made me think and contemplate. I like that.

    Ironically you used the word “cacophony”. I have a new commenter on my blog and the title of his blog is an oxymoron – “Silent Cacophony”. His visit caused me to look up the meaning of the word, as it was a new one to me.

  2. Shadowduck

    Quiet, but here. I don’t usually comment unless I’ve a question or a point to make, but I thought I’d make an exception this once! 😉

    Haven’t read all the content on here yet (I like to take the time to process what I’m reading) but this is one of the posts that’s struck home with me. If anybody wants me, I’ll be in the archives… *shuffles off*

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