The Drive

The Drive

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Purpose they call it, Dharma. Recent comments lead me to remark on the motivation behind this blog.

Partly, this blog is a journal of my process. I do a lot of explaining. But some of the explanations go a little too deep, as the blog title suggests. If what I suggest is not your experience, there’s no reason for you to accept it. Explanations are completely unnecessary. A friend of mines mother awoke and was not interested in reading about it or understanding it. To her it simply is. Thats enough.

However, most people require some explanation. Something to satisfy the mind. A framework to use to understand the world and our experience. Much as science may help explain the world, it does little to explain life itself and our own experience of it. Thus, people seek deeper meaning, more encompassing “truth“.

And then there are a few people who are not satisfied even with a good framework. They are driven to go deep. Indeed, it is so ingrained that it arises automatically. It is in our purpose. One of the examples that come to mind is Benedict Mellon-Thomas’s near death experience. During an experience of dying, he began to move down the usual white tunnel of light but rather than simply accepting it and dying, he started asking questions. I’m the same way. Given an unexpected experience, as the path so often brings, I start asking questions and the answers typically follow. I’ve been doing it for decades and its opened some unexpected doors.

There is no trick to what I talk about. If you continue down the path of growth of consciousness, you will open to what is, behind the dream of the world. When you fully know that you are the awareness that experiences, you will find that everything arises within that. Then it will be your experience.

When you have reality shifting changes, you will want verification from other sources. Then you may find such explanations useful.

Don’t worry if the explanations make any sense from where you are now. Simply go towards what is silent, what is aware. There is an old saying in India – Capture the fort, then all the gold mines and diamond mines will be yours. Go for the source, for who you are, then all else is revealed and gained.

Along the way, your nature will determine how much explanation you’ll need and what your drivers are.


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