Absolute Truth

Absolute Truth

I’ve noticed that some spiritual people have very rigid ideas on what “Truth” is and how fixed it is. This takes many forms – the highest teachings, the correct path, the idea that truth is something to achieve.

Clearly, some beliefs are considered better than others. However, this outlook fails to recognize that truth is largely relative. It is dependent on your perspective or state of consciousness. “Knowledge is Structured in Consciousness” is what Maharishi Mahesh Yogi used to say.

For example, the physical world can be very real and considered true. But in another state of consciousness, it is an illusion or dream.

Some people might say that such relative truths are not truths at all. The problem with that perspective is that all experiences are relative to your state, so nothing you experience is ever true then.

Others suggest what is in effect ‘pretending’ what is true. Not being reflective on what is true for you now but rather what can best be described as “making a mood” of ‘higher’ truths. Trying to be something ‘higher’ or ‘better’. Certainly it is useful to know of higher states and where this is going. But awareness of what is true for you now is much more potent. It avoids the trap of resisting what is or adding another layer to illusions of self.

People believe all kinds of things if it makes sense of their experiences or adds something to their existing paradigms. The earth is flat, God is dead, X country is evil, if you’re not for me, you’re against me, and so forth.

In a number of other posts, I talk about states of consciousness and the evolution of perspective. How that tends to take place generally and how that affects our sense of reality. Clearly, if our sense of reality has changed, our truths will change with it – or at least catch up to it in time.

There is absolute truth. But this is not something we can discuss or even experience. It is something we can only be. Notably, it’s something we’ve been all along. It just takes us a little to be able to be it consciously.

In many ways, we could say that’s why we’re here. That’s why all of it is. It is the purpose of all of our experiences, for that which is to know that it is ever more consciously. That may sound rather pointless and vague but that’s only the weakness of our language. There is nothing more real and solid than who you are, in truth.

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