Intention requires

Intention requires

Just listening to the second short free workshop by Lynne McTaggart on Intention.

While they are an intro to a workshop intensive series coming, they cover some great material. In the talk she suggests Intention requires:
– compassion
– specific (exact and actual)
– surrender
– resonance with other
– community

It was interesting to hear her having discovered a few things I’ve also found. Always refreshing to hear good ideas spoken out and being heard. I speak about the value of gratitude for example. I find its a first step towards compassion. Compassion requires a higher level of emotional clarity. Surrender of course is the allowing I speak about. And the resonance and community are aspects of the group functioning I’ve mentioned.

We are always intending. Indeed, everything we experience is intended. Thats not to say its our fault, what Lynne mentions as “new age guilt”. This is ego thinking, applied to a higher value of thinking. It is taking a higher view and applying victim thinking to it. That just makes it wrong and us wrong. The intention we speak about is not single thoughts, but the accumulation of the larger group, the group consciousness. That is what is creating our world. It is together. The meaning of individual events or issues in our life result from the larger picture so are very difficult to “get” the causality of, yet we see how easy the ego decides blame.

They are doing 2 more of these, next Sunday and the week after. And the discount is available just after the call.


PS – I mentioned last weeks here.

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  1. David,

    It’s an interesting thought.I always believe in power of gratitude to cleanse our ego. Buddha used to say that if you can detach ego from your soul, you become a divine soul. Intangible as it seem, ego is the most destructive of five senses that we have.

    Good article.


  2. Davidya

    Yes, to get to compassion, you need to clear some of the trash and gratitude is a great vehicle for that. And yes, when the ego idea drops, you discover not only your soul but your souls connection to the divine. And then, you open to the divine itself and find the one divine soul in you.

    Ego in itself is not destructive. Its intention is to have a positive experience and its our vehicle to pull away from our parents. Where it gets destructive is when we give it too much power and hold onto it.

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