Intention and reality

Intention and reality

Just heard a short introductory teleseminar by Lynne McTaggart on Intention. Quite interesting. There is a short excerpt on the subject here

Evidently, they recorded it so it may be available for listening later. They also plan to do further ones each week. Next Sunday, they have another on why don’t your intentions work. They are publicizing a 14 hour intensive she’s doing this year in various spots. Aug 8 in Portland, for example. If you listen to the seminar, they offer a big discount for a short time afterwards.

Quite interesting points, like we’re all in relationship, there is no separate. All of our thoughts are creating our ongoing intention. We are always intending. Not just when we’re “asking”. All of our thoughts are intentions. Visualize, with All of your senses. [and feel] The key is getting conscious, setting life purpose, and moving life into alignment with that. Her area is the conscious.

You probably need to get unconscious junk cleared – she suggests thought field psychology but said there are many techniques for this. Culturing gratitude I found to be key.

From my side, I consider intention to be fundamental. Far more fundamental than just our future. At its most basic level, all of expression is intended. There is nothing unintended, even the universe itself. Even the very existence of existence is intended. (laughs)

Just remember about allowing. Intend, then allow. Marc Allen reminds us of the correct framework for affirmations and intentions:

In an easy and relaxed manner,
In a healthy and positive way,
In its own perfect time,
for the highest good of all.
— Catherine Ponder

Say the first 2 lines, then the affirmation. Or the affirmation first. Or do all 4 lines. Speak silently or aloud, the goal. This or something better

Remember- its all in relationship. There is no “other”. Marc Allen suggests living your life in partnership and has a profitable business to prove it works. Here’s an interview of Marc by Steve Pavlina. If you have a wealth intention you might be surprised at his approach and how effective its been…

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