Here is the flow. Tom Stine asked What is Spirituality, Really?. Takuin Minamoto then asked the same question from another angle. 2 sides to the same coin. In one case, it is concluded that Spirituality is just a word, nothing real. In another, if you are breathing, then you are spiritual. Taukin finds the word spirit itself means breath. Breath is spirit. And here’s where we can take the next step…

Why does spirit refer to breath? Because spirit can only be experienced when it moves. And the most intimate way it moves is in animating us to life. We might say life is kinetic spirit. Simply being we cannot experience. We can only be being. This is the reason for all expression. For unmanifest being to know itself, it needs to move and express. Without the flow, nothing is known.

Paradoxically, the word spirituality is meaningless because its only an idea that has no reality. And yet, everything is alive, so everything is spiritual. Its is everything and nothing at the same time. (laughs)


Last Updated on April 27, 2018 by Davidya

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