The Practice

The Practice

The discussion in Spirit continues on Tom’s blog. Tom comes back to the question of practice. What role does a practice really have in our path if its really Self waking to Itself? What is spirituality if its just an idea? Tom is beautifully expressing where he is on the path.

When you take the inclusive view of Oneness, you see that it is both – there is Self coming to know Itself, we simply need to get out of the way. There is nothing we need to ‘do’. But there is also the individual seeking to discover itSelf. This is just as valid.

Really, they are the same thing. Self coming to know itself, through ItSelf, and through the individual. Or if you like, 2 sides of the coin, the inward and the outward strokes.

But your point is still valid. What is spirituality if it is just an idea? As a friend is so fond of saying, a word is just a symbol of a symbol (idea).

The key is stepping past ideas and moving into being it, as you are. Ultimately, thats what any practice is about. If you consider it from the perspective of human evolution, there is a time for practice. Practice brings us to the doorway. But to step through the door, we have to transcend the practice. Step to the next level. Its not that the practice is an illusion per se, its that at some point it becomes that. You are obviously there.

Its quite common for peoples practice to be thrown when they make a major step up in awareness. If you are no longer that, what use is a practice in that? I know some who quit. Others who struggle for a short time as meditation may no longer seem to “work”. The mind is no longer “where” it used to be. Perhaps its more like the chair in the corner now, somewhere else.

Its valid to consider, but always remember the perspective you bring to the table. As your perspective changes, so too will your truth.


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