Love Life

Love Life


It’s a truth that while you can influence what you experience each day, you cannot control what happens. However, you can control how you relate to what happens. This simple idea can bring you great freedom!

When things are not to your liking just accept them as they are, even get to like them because they are part of your life journey – like them as they are. If you are dissatisfied with things as they are and discontented because things are not to your liking, you are in effect standing in your own way. You will continue to experience any painful experience if you continue to be upset over it – you trap yourself in the condition because you engage it – you hold yourself hostage to that which you resist.


If you want better and more enjoyable life experiences, come to see that your present situation is one that if correctly understood can lead you to that better life. No matter how difficult your present moment is, you can use it as a stepping-stone to better times. Accept the present while it remains with you because you can only advance in life when you are in harmony with what is!

When you come to love and accept your life as it is, instead of resisting and fighting reality, your present becomes the foundation for a greater life. That which you dislike will linger with you because you cannot eliminate that which you continue to let upset you. Likely you have experienced the fact that when you try to run away from something you don’t like, you keep meeting it, maybe in different forms and different places, but you will continue to meet it. However, when you come to love and accept what life brings you, your present experience serves you by becoming a bridge to greater things.

Life Cooperates

When you come to love and accept even those things that at first seem not to be to your liking, you will come to realize that even what you didn’t like is there to help you reach what you really want. Your cooperation with life will allow life to cooperate with you. It is necessary for your life to be as it is so that it can help convey you to a more fulfilling life. Everything in your present life experience has the ability to move you forward – if you are in harmony with it! Allow it to empower you forward. As wise teachers have told us – make friends with your adversity. How do you do this? With kindness and love. When you do this, you find life cooperating with you. When you like what you find in life, you are empowered to find what you like.

You will always get the best out of life when you meet life with the conviction that it’s always for you. Are you for life?

Much Love and Blessings on your spiritual journey!

Revs. Austin and Mary Hennessey”

From DYNAMIC LIVING INSIGHTS #235, a weekly newsletter of the Spiritual Centre for Dynamic Living

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  1. menara

    this article (treasured in my bookmarks), whenever i re-read it(usually, when upset), it brings me back to the right perspective, it reminds me to try to like things that are happening even though those are things that one does not really appreciate. it reminds me to re-connect with the essence, reminds me to find again the harmony.
    thank you very much for posting it.

  2. Davidya

    You’re welcome, Menara.
    You may find it easier if, rather than trying to like them, you simply accept them as they are. Neither like nor dislike. It is in that openness to what is that we can find peace. And that is the home of essence and harmony.

    I will pass your thoughts on to Austin and Mary, the authors.

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