On a computer, full colour images are know as “24 bit” and have 3 “channels”, one each for red, green, and blue. These colours are blended to create the 16 or so million colours on your screen. But you may have noticed that you can set your computer screen to “32 bit”. Thats another “alpha” channel, just for setting values of transparency. To allow space without content. To perceive values of emptiness.

If we consider transparency further, we discover that all objects sit in transparent space. If space (and air) were not transparent, we would perceive a much smaller world. Like walking in a dense, dark fog. Even sound could not travel in truly opaque space.

If we look at the roots of reality in physics, we find that everything is energy and forces, moving in space and time. All of these are transparent. They can be measured but not perceived with the senses directly. If we look at the roots of reality in consciousness, we find the same thing. Consciousness, existence, and relationship are all transparent.

If you ask the question “Who am I?” or “What is real?”, our mind and senses lead us to conclude that what is real is what we perceive. But in actual fact, what is real cannot be perceived. It is all transparent.  We only perceive the side effects.

However, as it is reality and as we are that, we can be it. We already are transparent.

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  1. Goodness, I had a brainfreeze when I read this! I’m lucky to be back up to 32-bit consciousness. I’m working on embracing the “reality” of infinity-bit consciousness. What a very, very interesting analogy to contemplate. Sometimes, it feels a little scary to be as transparent as you suggest (and I co-believe). On the other hand, it’s tremendously liberating to know one doesn’t have to pretend to be what is not. Your blog is provocative, and appreciated.

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  3. Share L

    I’m enjoying what this blog does to my consciousness (-;
    I’m wondering if what seems concrete is merely interference patterns of transparency. And if transparency can perceive itself.
    Thank you

  4. Davidya

    The analogy I’d use is that it’s like a transparent movie screen.Sensory information plays across it. The sense of concrete is actually an interference pattern. That’s recognized by physics. When the molecules of your hand (whirling bits of energy pattern) approach the energy pattern of another “object”, each resists penetration by the other. A sort of force field effect. But the sensory effect is of solid objects even though they’re mostly empty space.

    The world is consciousness aware of itself so yes, transparency can recognize itself. But not perceive so much, So it uses the mechanism of creation, of form and senses to do that.

  5. Davidya

    That gets into the 6th and 7th senses I’ve blogged about. 😉 Consciousness in a silent state is not perceivable by the 5 senses. But we could say it can be known and felt (feelings). When it moves, flowing within itself, then it can be seen, heard, & felt (touch) too. That’s not a different kind of perceiving but it is a different resolution.

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