Spiritual Lunacy Interview

Spiritual Lunacy Interview

Spiritual LunacyIn this podcast, I’m interviewed by Nandita. We discuss terminology, transcending, karma, integration, awakening, enlightenment, subtle beings, and the collective.

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She tells me it’s also on Amazon, Google, Reason, and more.

PS: I have a couple of projects in development that are exciting. However, they’re taking time. News as they unfold.

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  1. Charlotte

    Hello David, really enjoyed this interview. You transmit differently in audio vs text for me – I experience a reorganisation in my system at times from reading your posts, over audio it feels stronger.

    It’s nice to listen to you speak about these topics in a relaxed and integrated way, which perhaps isn’t so common. I imagine it reflects what you say about primarily focusing on the physical and on Source – always good to be reminded of this.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience

    Exciting to hear of the exciting developments

    1. Hi Reggie
      The first shift is the trickiest as our concepts are never it and we have no reference points. We can’t gauge progress and have no control over the process.

      But once shifted, we “get” it and the process is clearer. Some context for what’s unfolding is still useful but there’s usually less uncertainty.

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