A Conversation with Malika

A Conversation with Malika

Malika posted our conversation early, as a “favourite.”banner

on YouTube

To start, she asks me how I experience source. To explain, I talk about the unfolding here and how the relationship with source has evolved. She then asks me to explain the stages and I review them briefly.

Then we did a transmission, what I’d call amplifying presence. Her dog Angel chimed in there. And then we chatted a bit more.

Apologies, I didn’t place the video properly so I’m not looking in the right direction. I’m also not optimum yet, but it’s been interesting to watch how things have changed as I rise out of the fog.


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  1. Stephen

    Hi David,

    Thank you for sharing your mantra experience and healing journey with Malika. In spite of how far ahead you are in the journey, you are still humble enough to seek healing to take care of the localized human aspect.

    The transmission was quite powerful @ minute 38.

    Malika is a true gem!

    1. Hi Stephen
      You’re welcome. She is a gem. I’m not really “far ahead” as it’s not me this unfolded to. It’s us.
      And yes, being increasingly conscious also means being increasingly conscious of what’s here/ what remains. 🙂

      Didn’t get what she meant the first time and wandered into more description. But then we did it. 🙂

  2. John R

    David, congrats on a great conversation. I agree with Stephen that the transmission was – of course – quite powerful. And I loved that Malika’s puppy chimed in. I could see Malika barely containing a smile. A few weeks ago, she e-mailed me at about 3:30 a.m. her time. I said she must be either an early bird or a night owl. No, she said, her puppy had woken her up! 🙂

    And it was also really nice to hear your recap of the 7 post-personal stages, especially as you talked about Source/Divinity and embodiment. Brahman and Para Brahman shifts are happening all over the place, and there sure are a lot of happy angels, devata, and other folks sharing in the joy!

      1. Lew

        Very powerful transmission and a nice discussion. Like to see you and Malika do more of these. Interesting discussion on mantra as well. I’ve started watching the series and am wondering about your impression of the other speakers and the information that they are putting forth. Gives a glimpse of what the internet has been created for …. Conversations about enlightenment that one can enter wherever they happen to be….

        1. Hi Lew
          Yes, we’ve discussed more. Also with Stefan, Malika, and I together. That’s even more powerful.

          The other speakers are a diverse group with some conversations having nothing to do with source. Malika’s planning to move away from this format.

  3. Worth noting that some may describe the causal as source as it’s where things first start taking form, rising out of the ocean of being. However, this is an effect of flows in consciousness so is not really “source”.

  4. Eira

    What a profound and powerful conversation and transmission, thank you and Malika for sharing. What a gift to the world!
    Amazing time to be alive that such communication is available.

  5. harrison snow

    I am amazed at the depth of Malika’s work with Source and almost wordless in terms of describing the unfoldment and clearing I feel vibrating at subtle levels. Thanks again Davidya for introducing her on your blog. Much gratitude.

  6. Pierre

    Hi David, thanks to you and Malika for sharing those precious moments… I have one question about the awakening of the Devas in the physiology: is doing samyama after meditation on the name of Durga for example, will awaken that particular Deva ?
    Blessings and lot of joy!

    1. Hi Pierre
      Well, the first stage is purification and the opening up of the energy channels. Next would be soma flows to feed and enhance the devas. This will make them more alive and attentive. There is also waking up devas that have been dormant.

      Where stress release brings jerky surges, the devas stirring in the physiology show as graceful flows, mudras, arm movements, etc. You see a bit of that in our conversation.

      Spiritually awakening devas though comes from immersing them in pure Divinity. So that’s a ParaBrahman effect.

      To your question, samyama on devas may stir them in the physiology but mainly will bring them into awareness. It’s like making a phone call. However, you need enough clearing to perceive them. Some will be visual, others more hearing, others feel.


      PS – be careful what you call forward. Durga is on the intense side.

  7. Pierre

    Hi David,
    Thank you for your answer and advice, I think the best for me is to keep practicing the Direct Source Connection and come back later to samyama when the time is ripe

    1. Hi Pierre
      Samyama is useful in learning how to use your attention. It can also help clear channels. But you want to be careful with what you practice it on. What you put your attention on grows stronger – this is exponentially true of samyama. Part of spiritual practice is restoring balance so you don’t want to be unintentionally adding imbalance.

      Good spiritual guides/ teachers are valuable this way. Often, getting the basics right, like a good effortless meditation, is enough.

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