Of Love

Of Love

Opening by ElPadawan
Opening by ElPadawan

Love is the source of all. Everything is immersed in love. It is our essential nature. Everything we experience arises from flows of love or a resistance to that love.

Yet even that resistance is within love.

Of course, the love I speak of is agape, the higher love. Love of your partner or children is a localized version. The love I speak of is universal. This is how we’re immersed in it.

We experience this higher love in moments of inspiration, and then when the high heart opens, after awakening, when source descends into the physiology.

This is part of the refinement process. It varies how soon or even if there is a willingness to clear the crust covering most hearts. To stand undefended requires a solid grounding in being. And a deep trust in our essential nature.

When love experiences itself, it vibrates. This trilling is bliss, it is happiness.

“From bliss all beings are born, in bliss all beings are sustained, and into bliss all beings will merge…”
Taittiriya Upanishad

We could say the same of love, and even more so.

Welcome to your essential nature.

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  1. Beautifully expressed. There does need to be a willingness to clear that crust. Of course one might say that this Love itself melts such crusting. But I’ve found that the more psychological clearing and integrating one does at the personal heart level, there can be a deeper surrender to this high Heart of all pervasive Love.

  2. Sharon

    Yesterday watched a youtube in which Swami Savapriyananda was talking about how we’re already absolutely pure on the level of Being. No need to remove anything. No need to add anything, like virtues, etc. Even to add a virtue is counter productive. I’m thinking this is also true of that Love. We are already That. No need to remove anything “bad.” Or add anything “good.” Just have the intention to realize That more fully in every moment. And turn in that direction the best we can. Then leave the rest up to the Divine.

    1. Right, Sharon.
      It’s not until we get into polarity that shadows and light arise. This is true of Love also. However, those shadows can obscure the purity of being within. For many, higher love is obscured.

      But yes, we do what we can. Getting there is more about letting go so we settle into our essential nature, under the polarities. Then when the time is right for the whole, it reveals itself.

  3. To be clear, when I say “high heart”, I’m referring to the higher octave heart.
    The heart chakra is anahata. The higher octave heart is called hridaya. We don’t meet that during the kundalini rise but later, during the post-awakening descent. This is when we move pure being into the physiology more and more.

    Some would call this the 10th chakra but the higher chakras are higher octaves of the original 7, not more.

    1. Hi Lew
      I wouldn’t quite frame it that way. Love is a primary quality of Divinity. I place it 4th, after intelligence, alertness, and liveliness. It’s like the motive force that creates and draws us together.

      ParaBrahman is the stage where we recognize and become immersed in pure Divinity.

      Nothingness is a quality of Brahman, which i now see as the afterglow of Divinity. This is not the same as emptiness, which is a quality of silent self-aware consciousness. That distinction between observer and observed creates a subtle space. When silent, it’s experienced as empty. Nothingness is beyond all that. Pure Divinity is beyond Nothing.

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