Mother is at Home

Mother is at Home

Mother by Michael Kordahl
Mother by Michael Kordahl

As consciousness becomes more self-aware within, we gain a sense of unchanging reality, an inner rock or point of stability. If we’re prone to be fearful or insecure, this is a great balm.

“Weapons cannot cleave him, nor fire burn him; water cannot wet him, nor wind dry him away.”
– Bhagavad Gita 2:23

However, there are deeper values. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi used to refer to “mother is at home,” an inner sense of safety and security.

Where the inner value of observing consciousness has a masculine quality, the lively intelligence of the world has a more feminine quality, a sense of origin or mother at source.

While the detached witness soothes being, mother soothes the feelings.

At first, this sense may come as an abstract feeling that can develop into a sense of nurturing presence. And then potentially into an experience of feminine personality. The latter depends on the refinement taking place and how open our heart is.

It’s not a weakness for this to take time. Most of us have been through some arduous experiences and betrayals of trust by loved ones. Opening up to fine feelings is gradual.

Through the stages of God Consciousness and Refined Unity, we may develop a personal relationship with Mother Divine or one of her forms. We can know any fundamental quality of nature in form. The Shakti or power driving that quality is feminine in origin.

Post-Brahman, we can develop a still deeper connection to a yet more abstract form of Divinity that might be called the source of the source or Divine Mother. There are no words that can communicate what has not been experienced. For example, I can say rambutan. For many Westerners, this word has no meaning. And even if you know the meaning, it remains just an idea until it’s tasted.

Such unfolding requires some healing for the clarity required. But it also facilitates resolving anything remaining from our childhood or other past absences of nurturing. This can include family history and our own soul’s journey.

Simple awareness of what is unresolved can facilitate healing. Largely, this is simply unresolved experiences, undigested life.

As we become more experienced, we can add qualities to the healing attention. Perhaps a colour that will help catalyze resolution. Or the assistance of a related law of nature. And very deeply, bringing qualities of Divinity into the flow of attention. They are inherent in consciousness, so it’s just a slight tuning to amplify that value, like light, love, power, and so forth.

None of this is control, manipulation, or prescription. Rather, let it arise naturally and intuitively in the circumstance. I mention this to note it arises with experience. Flowing attention is just that – flow. Flow will naturally tune to the need of the moment. The more we get out of the way of that process, the more potent the attention is. Tweaks and tunings will naturally arise to fine-tune the effect.

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  1. Anthony

    Dear Davidya

    I am starting to drift into this feminine divine , soothing and nurturing .
    It is similar to when you float on a river downstream .
    All I can think is surrender to her , again and again ,
    and if rapids come I know she will become my boat

    Much love and thank you ,


  2. John R

    I tried rambutan for the first time just a few weeks ago. Yummy! I think I recall referring to strawberries when giving introductory TM talks back in the day. Something we Westerners are familiar with, but we would not be able to impart the meaning/experience because it would only be a limited concept.

  3. harrison

    yes, these salutes to Divine Mother can be so heart-felt. They resonate with our inner child whose yearning for that connection to the nurturing source. Love and Safety are twins that always hold hands. This seems to be the place of refuge where I more and more surrender my old familiar contractions and hurts and the ancestral patterns behind them. Thanks for this timely article.

    1. Hi Erik
      In a curious way, you’re already there. It just has to be recognized. And in another way, it’s never in reach of the me as it’s not the me that wakes up. We wake up From the me. 🙂

      But yes, it’s very close for many, especially after a long practice of transcending. Just needs the right time for the whole and a catalyst.

      The clarity comes from the me getting out of the way. When we can see what is as it is, so much becomes clear.

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