Memories of Summer by Kevin Dooley
Memories of Summer by Kevin Dooley

Something we recognize over time is how much we’ve built up crusts and resistance to our experience of being human in the modern world. It’s like we walk around armoured up, careful about letting anything get too close.

This is because our fine feelings are very sensitive to the flows of life. But the repressed world around us is angry and loud, our quiet Enya barraged by Iron Maiden.

In putting up walls to protect ourselves, we mute life and joy.

Time moves in vast cycles of rising and falling clarity, historically know as the ages or yugas. We spend most time in golden and silver ages. We could say we’re well-adapted for that. Less so for the mercifully shorter dark age we’ve been rising out of.

Yet the darkness has been long enough to create a history of shadow that follows us into this life. As we’re born, we also model the energy patterns of those around us to best fit in.

Part of spiritual growth is discovering our deeper nature. This gives us the stable platform for clearing the shadows and reopening to fine feelings and the richness of life.

This can be a major project, but the benefits are beyond imagination.

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