Direct Access

Direct Access

Pembroke Castle by Steven Penton
Pembroke Castle by Steven Penton

I’ve often talked about the layers between consciousness becoming self-aware and the physical world; how consciousness becomes the world.

With spiritual practices, these unfold gradually in our awareness, unless we’ve unfolded them in a prior life and the sattva gets sufficient to restore earlier development.

Yet with still further development, we gain more direct access to source rather than going through all the layers. Source is omnipresent, so if we know ourselves to be that, it’s with us all the time.

The heart, for example, awakens (potentially) as the kundalini rises to that point. Later, post-awakening, there’s a descent from the crown to a higher octave of the heart and more universal love.

However, the heart also has a direct connection to the Divine, which comes online when we’re ready, bypassing the intermediate layers that the vertical route goes through.

Prana or life force is another example. We often gain prana through food, breath, and sunlight (less-so than plants). Yet we’re immersed in a sea of life. When our channels become clearer, the potential is there to tap into that directly. Tapping into infinite life massively increases our ability.

Action (karma) is another one. When we act in the field of the surface of life, we’re on the event stage. We’re obliged to act things out to process them. When we can connect with action on the level of energy itself, we can get results and resolve things in the field of becoming. This requires much less doing and can complete experiences without them needing to surface and create drama. Do less and accomplish more. (There’s a large range of degree here.)

Soma is another example. The refinement of soma begins when we transcend, usually in meditation, when awe-struck, or in a deep surrender.

As we heal, presence develops, and the channels clear, leading soma refinement to become more common. After established Self Realization, we’re effectively transcending all the time, so soma refinement becomes very regular, especially if we put our attention on it.

As pure Divinity unfolds, it adds the potential to gain soma directly from Divinity, like Her mother’s milk. No steps of refining required.

I’m sure there are other examples. The deeper we’re established, the more we have direct access to. When we reside with it, we’re already there.

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  1. Rick Talcott

    “soma refinement becomes very regular, especially if we put our attention on it…”

    Any suggestions for locating the target of the attention?
    I do notice that immediately after I swallow and the food is vertical in my throat, I get feedback on what it is that I ate. I think of that as my body tasting the food.


    1. Hi Rick
      I’d say the attention on however we experience it. Even the idea of it. Talking about it often triggers it, for example.

      How we experience it varies by person and as it evolves so there isn’t a single point. Back of the throat, in the throat, in digestion, the sea of it, immersed in it, and so on are varieties.

      What you describe is a form of refined perception coming in the form of knowing. (knowing is the “6th sense”, a sense without a physical organ.)

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