On Creation

On Creation

Cosmic Dancer by Vicknes Waran
Cosmic Dancer by Vicknes Waran

I’ve had a few questions on what I mean by “creation.” This is the term I use for the subtle space created by globally self-aware consciousness (Atman). In this space arises fundamental structures that then give rise to universes. Our universe is in a nested space within a larger creation.

We could say that our creation arises in the mind of God. We could describe it as an idea in the mind of God. Our creation is one of the more complex ones I’m aware of but there are many others, all distinct.

While creation has a structure and an intended timeline for its unfolding, there is a lot of flexibility in our relationship with that. We can experience our life’s timeline as a vein in the petal of a lotus flower. We follow the vein or sutra through our life, down the road. We may travel on the pavement, on the gravel shoulder, or in the ditch, each being slower and more challenging. Yet we can learn a lot from challenges. We can’t really leave the road as it is the thread of our life. We set it in motion ourselves.

In healing deeply, we can resolve the contractions that led us off the optimum path, back onto the pure idea. When particular contractions heal, we resolve what is beyond the constraints of time in our universe. We can thus heal everything that flowed from the original deviations. We bring history back toward the ideal flow. We heal our ancestors and our soul’s past.

Occasionally, you hear teachers suggesting advanced stages mean healing 5 or more generations backwards and forwards. I’d suggest this varies by the depth and style of contractions in our souls and families history. But roasting all that old inertia can make a lot of difference, not just personally.

Within our creation, each universe expresses slightly different mixes of laws of nature to create distinct flavours of experience and different styles of being. Some universes like ours are long-lived. Others exist for a shorter time. What they can offer is completed quickly or there isn’t enough balance to sustain them.

So yes, there are many universes, but they’re not parallel. Each exists in its own space with its own prakriti (nature). Multiverse is a concept from physics that comes out of the models they’re using. Subtler levels fell out of favour (to put it mildly) so they fold space in on itself and posit “dark” matter and energy. Ironically, subtle substances are less dark than physical matter.

Other creations have totally different structures and laws of nature. Their reality is often incomprehensible to a consciousness structured with our laws.

I’ve been aware of the above for a long time. In fact, there has been an active effort by the Divine to unfold this. Others I know have less awareness of these details but more of other arenas where I’ve experienced much less. Each of us is here to have a distinct experience of wholeness, to add our perspective to the whole. Don’t expect to have the same experience; you’ll bring out fresh aspects of wholeness.

This is the value of sharing. What I’m aware of can add to your perspective and yours to mine. We’re in this together.

After awakening, the perspective here has gradually stepped deeper and deeper. At a certain point, the ability came to step into the idea of a creation and experience its wholeness. Unlike seeing it from the outside, this is stepping into it and experiencing its nature.

There is a simple creation that is very blissful. A single silica-like form arises and gradually dissolves into itself. It is almost pure process of experience. Seeing this, it became obvious that time was an effect of the process of experience rather than a 4th dimension of space.

(I’m charting different models of creation for an upcoming article and the levels book.)

Such experiences are on the cosmic level or paraprakriti so are experienced by the cosmic Self. We could say we remember them in the mind of God. Yet it’s not the Divine that forgets so it’s a remembering by consciousness, by the cosmic.

The Soul
The ego or I-sense is an effect of the intellect distinguishing self from other. This I-sense largely falls away when we die.

There is a value of self on the level of the universe that lasts through its life cycle of hundreds of trillions of years. These are the cycles on the Prakriti level of nature.

There is also a cosmic (para) value of ego that lasts through the life-cycle of creation (hundreds of septillions of years).

Globally self-aware consciousness is also aware of itself at every point. When a point itself becomes enlivened (aware), it expresses forward as a jiva or soul, then into a universe. That soul then takes forms and lives as different beings according to its nature (Animal, human, deva, bacteria, plant, etc.).

Where the ego is a quality of intellect distinguishing self from other, soul is a light of consciousness that rests in the heart and “switches on” the life force. At first a fetus runs on its mothers energy. When the soul connects with the body, the fetus becomes active. I understand it fully enters at birth, ready for the first breath. Death occurs when the soul withdraws from the body.

Everything that is alive has a soul and an energy system. This brings them life. (So no, machines won’t become conscious when they get complex enough.) The clarity of the soul and the mix of laws of nature create the style of being and experience. Even within a species there is a wide range of expression. We’ve all met dogs that are dense as a post and others that are very alert and intelligent, for example.

The soul is functionally eternal as it arises slightly prior to manifest time and space, prior to our universe. It has a direct connection (thread or sutra) and origin in source.

Over time, each soul evolves to experience its full nature and become aware of global (infinite) consciousness. And then, that global consciousness wakes up to itself through the point (kaivalya or singularity in Yoga). This is spiritual awakening.

As more and more points are enlivened, evolve, then awaken, the wholeness of consciousness becomes increasingly full. At some point (prior to time), every point knows itself as wholeness and the creation resolves.

However, this is all a perspective. A year is the time our earth takes to rotate the sun. Even from Mars, the cycles of time are different. When you step beyond manifest space and time, perspective is all.

A sequence of unfolding assumes time. What if you’re prior to time? From that perspective, all of this is just memory. Or an idea resting in the mind of God. It depends on where your attention is.

This article is describing perspectives of our earth, our universe, and our creation. I’m not aware of any other creation with universes like ours.

If this is not yet your experience, just take it as another perspective, another set of ideas. What your mind makes of all this is just mind, not reality. I recall that after awakening, I had to throw out everything I understood about enlightenment. Then I could reintroduce it without the distortion I’d unintentionally added. 🙂

If you think of creation as an impulse of creativity, there has to be some value of opposite force or entropy (dissolution) to balance it. And then a third force to sustain it. Otherwise, it would all dissolve again immediately. That sustaining is called dharma. Dharma restrains excess change but also allows a slight imbalance so things can evolve and grow. We can say an imbalance held in a larger balance of wholeness.

Like a young child learning about the world can fall back into their mothers arms.

When everything comes into perfect balance, the world ends, completed. We could say imbalance is in the nature of relativity – it’s relative because it’s changing, because it’s slightly imbalanced.

The sacred geometries that structure the world are almost static. But there are small changes taking place here and there to move things along or dissolve them. Most of the changes we experience take place in the sound-created fields supported by the geometry. Think of it like this: we remain a bi-pedal form with one head. Yet what expresses on that framework grows, ages, carries trauma, is injured and heals, and so on. We don’t randomly grow three heads. The fundamentals are change-constrained.

On the celestial level are idea forms with ideal templates for the geometry. The geometry can be “reminded” of its ideal form to repair discrepancies. I’ve not learned how to do that yet but Dorothy Rowe has tried this in healing.

I used to think the geometry level (intellect) was clear of stress; that the residues were just in the “lower” bodies. But I’ve since seen that some sludge can spill over into the structure. That can mute some aspects and cause structural issues in time. As it’s above the personal levels, this is more collective.

I trust this offers a bit of insight into the nature of our world and how we are in it. At least, from this perspective now.

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  1. Gina

    Thank you so much for this wonderful essay, David. It answers so completely all the questions and more I asked in my email. Definitely something to be saved. Much love and tremendous gratitude for this.

    1. Our person is indeed very small, George. Carl Sagan’s famous musing about Earth as a pale blue dot comes to mind. All of the lives of all the ages and all of the drama have taken place on a single blue pixel in vast space. And it’s a space larger than most yet recognize.

      And yet that point that experiences itself as a person is also the awareness that contains everything. We are infinitely small and infinitely large both and simultaneously. In fact, we are smaller than the smallest and larger than the largest. It is only for us to recognize. 🙂

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