Nadi Leaf Reading Followup

Nadi Leaf Reading Followup

Nadi bundle
Nadi bundle

A year ago I got a nadi leaf reading, written by the ancient seer Agastya. As I noted then, the leaf named my parents and spiritual teachers accurately and offered many insights about this life. There was a lot of information.

I found the recommended pujas (remedies) useful and did them myself. They often recommend a supplementary yagya for a larger issue. Here, they mentioned a major karma I was well-aware of, with a fire ceremony to neutralize it. I watched the ceremony online and was astonished by how much was offered.

Many of the predictions are yet to unfold, but the ones for the period after the reading have been accurate. For example, it suggested I avoid International travel early this year. Having no plans at the time, I forgot about this and later booked 3 trips. For obvious reasons, everything got cancelled.

Recently, a friend pointed out that one of the unusual predictions for the current period had happened. It arose without fanfare.

Many friends and blog readers arranged readings too. One did not find a leaf. Two were not happy with the content. But everyone else found them insightful, informative, and often surprising.

Update: the one who didn’t find a leaf did a second session and they found the leaf Friday.

Much is yet to unfold. Some of it will make more sense in retrospect. And choice is still in play. We may have a prescribed path, but how we respond to what arises is our choice.

Vera of Green Tara has a much updated website now. Their price has gone up since my reading, but they’re currently offering a special price. As I mentioned before, this is an excellent opportunity as it normally requires an extended trip to India to find, arrange, and get such a reading. Not to mention research to avoid the fakes.

Update: Note a special ceremony on Dec. 28 for 2021 to help with challenging transits. Open to anyone.

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  1. George

    At 67, I wonder about the practical value. However, there is interest, curiosity, and an ever-abiding urge to know as much as possible. Plus, this is the point that I seem to have the time and money, so who knows? I confess, I’m curious…very much so. Thanks for opening this door for us, D.

  2. Harriet Devine

    Thanks so much for this David – I read it and the earlier post with great interest and excitement. I’ve longed for one of these for many years but despite many visits to India have never felt confident about finding the right one. I’m off to explore the website.

  3. Trami

    I just wanted to thank you for writing a second article about this. It gave me the push I needed to do it!

    I had my reading today. They found mine within the second bundle. They identified my parents by name, and me by name (since they only have my fingerprint to go off of).

    It was very detailed not only about me but about my family members as well, and it answered all the questions I had written down before I even had to ask, as if the author knew what I was thinking at the time in my life that I would find this leaf. Also elucidated things that my birth chart reading left unclear, that were really important for me to know.

    They also spoke of what my spiritual journey would look like, which chakras would open up and when. They mentioned I had certain blessings from certain spiritual figures. It made me feel happy.

    Wanted to share 🙂 I am so happy I did this reading, thank you David!

    1. Hi Trami
      You’re welcome. Several I’m aware of have gone ahead after this article. Mine was also in the second bundle and they also named my parents, myself, and in my case, my spiritual teachers. Everyone has somewhat distinct content. I was also quite pleased by the reading. Interesting.

      I ended up going through it and making notes so I could refer back later – there was so much info, some of it time-based. You’re also young enough to have a broader landscape to describe. 🙂

      Key is the remedies and doing them in sequence as described. They’re very worth doing and only take a bit of time each week (or whatever).

      Thanks for sharing!

  4. Trami

    Yes they literally went through it telling me what would happen in 3 year spans from now through the rest of my life. They told me what would happen with me, my mom, my dad, and my brother. I felt it was such generous information.

    My remedy starts on Monday. I recieved some mantras to recite. They also said I could donate money to have monks in India pray for me twice a day for 108 days. Did you do that, or was it recommended to you? I will also be attending a ceremony to pray for the good fortunes of 2021.

    1. Ah, interesting. Mine was divided in mostly 2-year sections. The recommended yagyas vary quite a bit. Mine was a single but long fire ceremony I did go ahead with as the mentioned karma was very familiar. I was surprised how much was offered. My mantras took about 9 months. The sets also vary quite a bit from the feedback I’ve heard. Some have just a few, some like myself had more. But I didn’t get one that’s very common. Depends on the karma.

      Yes, I’ll also be doing the latter ceremony too – that’s a general offering for everyone related to recent transits that are challenging for some signs. It will include Navagraha, esp for Saturn, Ganapati, and Lakshmi. If you’re not a subscriber, here’s the info.

  5. Harriet

    Just as I said in an earlier comment, I went straight to the website and put it all into motion. I had a lot of trouble with the thumbprint, so they used my birth time and date. I had the reading yesterday. Like you, it took 45 minutes to find the leaf, and I was thinking perhaps it wouldn’t be found, but then it was – with amazingly accurate information about family members etc. Then a break, then the reading. It totally blew me away. Astonishlngly positive, with a clear date for Liberation (not far off!). Some things I’ve had an intuitive feeling about but wasn’t sure if I could trust it. Run through of the chakras – excellent news here too. I got a number of chants (pujas) to do at home (though they won’t take more than a month or two) , and a recommendation for the fire ceremony. Very grateful to you for drawing attention to this website. I’d been wanting to do it for ages, but as the pundit said, yesterday was the most auspicious day.

    I felt so blissful during and afterwards – was awake for hours in the middle of the night, processing it all.

    1. Hi Harriet
      Oh interesting. There must be a correlation between birth time and thumbprint so they can find the right bundles. Some have no trouble getting the print but I helped a friend struggling with theirs.

      A clear date – that’s different. Allow that to unfold as it does. Expectations can muddle things.

      And yes, much to process. I made notes on mine for future reference. Very curious how a few of the predictions have shown up.

    1. Interesting, Trami. They mentioned Maharishi and TM in mine also but often have not in other TMers I’ve known. He’s certainly been a significant influence here, setting the stage with both practice and understanding. Saw him several times and spoke to him once, something that had become rare then. Very rare now. 🙂 But his work is very much available.

  6. Pri

    Hi Davidya. Have you heard of anyone agree things that were predicted in their (and their immediate family’s life) in say, 2 years, were actually manifesting a couple of years earlier? Did that (inadvertently) impact other parts of the reading?

    1. Hi Pri
      Not aware of specifically. Most of the readings I’m aware of have happened over the last year. Vera does mention the role of free will. An opportunity may not be taken. The likely timing may be shifted by other choices. We come into this life with a plan but often deviate from it over time.

      And of course there are things showing up in unexpected ways. That too can influence choices.

      This stuff isn’t written in stone. It’s designed to give you an overview and point to remedies for key issues.

      1. Pri

        Yes that makes sense. The role of free will / conscious intention is huge it seems. Curious to see how things will play out in coming years 🙂 What an honour and wonderful thing it is to live this life. ❤

        1. Even if we know the future, how it will be experienced in the moment is distinct. I’m curious to see how some of the predictions will play out. And there will certainly be things they didn’t mention.

          Yes, life is pretty amazing and remarkable. 🙂

  7. son

    Hi Davidya,
    Thanks for providing the link to Greentara. Did the nadi reading and it seemed amazingly accurate down to the name of Guru! Also spoke about the opening of certain chakras. But I’m curious about Self Realization and beyond. Is that destiny or can practices alter that destiny to bring Grace earlier than is written?

    1. Hi Son
      You’re welcome. Thanks for the comment. Of those I’ve spoken with, some leaves mention it and some not. But I’ve found they speak to what we need to hear, not everything that will happen. They’re focused on remedies, often for the current transition period.

      I see it more as moments of grace arise at various points in our life. By engaging in practices and spending time with the teacher or the awake, we improve our clarity, increasing the chances a moment of grace will be recognized and stabilized. If the leaf mentioned a specific time, that would indicate a larger opportunity but not a fixed one. Do we choose to favour it or get distracted? Are we clearing it or resisting? etc etc.

      Many on a spiritual path bring in a lot of karma to work through before Self Realization would be smoothly supported. I witnessed for 30 years (and went through lots of karma) before I woke up, for example. But then it was clear and progress rapid. Everyone’s experience is different.

      Also, note that it’s not you that wakes up. We wake up From the me. It’s the whole that wakes up to itself through your form. Atman wakes up to itself through the jiva. In that larger context, nature is always balancing and evolving. If one point gets distracted, that will make it easier for the next point to shift. Nature wants to keep things moving but not so much it destabilizes the universe. 🙂

      So if your leaf mentioned it, congrats. If you continue, this will be your last lifetime. That’s a great blessing indeed.

      Also note that this doesn’t mean you sit and wait. Life is meant to be lived now. Waking up isn’t a goal but a platform to live life from. The practices and healing and karma you move through meantime all help improve quality of life now and set the stage for more.

  8. Amrima

    Ayubhoweva David (Sinhalese greeting, May you live and love long )

    I got mine done on the third of this month for my 40th bday. I found Vera from you. Thank you! Energy transmission was on point. Swamiji s pronunciations did it for me more than the interpretations. But hey they were quite amazing too. When I am famous and establish my little kingdom (a school and a village that teaches meditation art dancing and energy healing and ‘make movies to spread the word’ according to Shyam lol) in Sri Lanka in the next 12 years…….
    Everyone’s welcome.
    David gets a free stay for the recommendation :). These are oracles astrologer families…. What we do with the path illuminated by them and the Rishi is up to us. I can make movies or not or I can sit home here in US never moving back to the island just raising my family. Choice is still very much ours. And the interpreter was using astrology from his knowledge base to put everything together. As someone who use Tharaka Vidyava from Ravanas immortal kingdom instead of Vedic Jyotish it was a bit off to experience his interpretations. Even that interaction helped my team establish my path for the next Rahu cycle smoother. I got a lot out of it and to be honest the session was the yagya and this yagya feels like an forever unfolding gift that I am just in the honeymoon period of opening. Yup you def get a free stay! ✊

    1. Ah, Happy Birthday, Amrima.

      And thank you. We’ll see what unfolds. I’ll be getting on in years by then. 🙂

      Yes, free will has a significant influence – not just ours but those of partners, family, and so forth. For example, it looks like one of the predictions for the next period is coming early here. Another may not happen while the most unlikely one did.

      Also worth noting they may not come in a way we’d expect from the wording. And the Sanskrit was translated to Tamil, then is being translated back, then into English. A little can get lost in translation, not to mention the distinctions in time and culture.

      Rahu cycles are particularly useful to understand so we take the right approach. Otherwise, we can fight it for years, leading only to suffering. Inversely, it can be a time of great progress and transformation.

      Fully agree the session is like a yagya, like a satsang with the sage.

      In any case, having a map is useful for the road but it remains up to us to live what arises. Enjoy!

  9. Amrima

    Anti-aging is a thing. And Thank you.
    I can’t really agree about the free will of others including any sort of ancestral influences or nature forces interfering with my choice. It’s the opposite now. My choice is life colored by my wishes and others colorful choices organize themselves to support (my) life. Even Rishi Agastya’s attention is just life looking at itself, illuminating itself a point value, a direction through the reading. If you go to the reading with the right state of consciousness and attention no matter what they predict, you are truly getting to communicate with a highest level of your own self. How you use the energy to heal/evolve is truly up to you. Thanks again for this article. I was waiting for the right time to use it and now was the perfect time.
    Hope to see you there one day.

    1. Hi Amrima
      Oh yes – I know several doing anti-aging research. I didn’t mention it in the article but it relates to this transformation.
      If we’re capable of living hundreds of years, the aging process must necessarily slow dramatically.

      I’m not saying others choices interfere. Only that others choices tweak the flow and timing. Certainly, their actions in harmony will support their choices and your own. It’s all intertwined. And of course this is from a perspective of distinction.

      But yes, I agree on the Rishi. When you are everything, it can be straightforward to follow any thread and to share that perspective, if that’s your dharma. And as you describe, it is the same Self in any case.

      Just remember this isn’t the highest perspective though. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing.


    Hi David,
    Jeanette recommended this, and I just got off with Vera, the reader and the translator. In the 2nd bundle, halfway through: “yes. yes. yes….” WOW! Amazing! I need to do a puja to Shiva, and my reading will take place next week. How do I find your first article on the nadi readings? Keep scrolling through the articles, I imagine. I enjoyed your comments here.
    Wishing you the best,

    1. Hi Mary
      Ah interesting. So a puja is required before the reading. I’ve heard examples where the puja had to be done in a certain temple prior, etc. This helps clear barriers to the content.

      The first article is linked in the opening sentence above. You can also find topics via the search box upper right too. And you can find articles by month under Archives and by category under that side menu.

  11. Just a general update.
    Some of the more unlikely predictions have happened. A maybe didn’t happen. My son’s marriage came a few months before the period it was predicted to happen in. On the flip side, they predicted good health in the period when I went through major medical treatment. Yes, the nature of karma is to keep some things in shadow, so it’s not a big surprise.

    Still recommend a reading if you feel inclined. It was valuable to me in many ways and the remedies cleared some blocks, even balancing the gender of children born in the family. But it’s clear some clearing and some choices have altered the timeline a bit since the reading.

    1. Priya

      That’s interesting to hear. I received a reading in November 2019 and was just thinking about it the other day. Things have definitely come true, some expedited, some along the predicted time frame and some not yet happened. Choice does seem to play a part! The whole thing is very curious.

        1. Priya

          Yes. There is a sense that choosing to expedite shifts other things which is why some predictions have not happened – the timing shifted and choice was needed again. I like your point on translation and time – it seems obvious but I think important to remember this context.

          Separately, in your comment on 1 June 2021 above you mention that if self-realization occurs, this would be his last life. What is your definition of self-realization? It seems to me that one could still choose to come back for more incarnations even if self-realization (my understanding of it) occurred in this life. It does not automatically mean it is the last life. What are your thoughts?

          1. Right, Priya.
            The leaf also named primary spiritual teachers to that point but did not mention or name what has come since. They would not have arisen if I’d resisted the resonance.

            Self Realization is when we shift from a person experiencing the Self, to Self experiencing the person. Self gets “loud” enough to break ego identification. If that recognition is strong (clear) enough, it breaks the bond with our backlog of karma (unresolved action), roasting it. If we ride with it and don’t do anything stupid, we also stop producing new karma. What remains is the sprouted seeds of karma, playing out the life in the new context.

            As such, at the end of life, there is no longer karma to drive us back into another human life, so last human life. But not last life of any kind.

            From there, there are many options. Some continue evolving on more subtle levels. A few stay in the body, continuing without karma, in service. A few may come back into another life to clean up what wasn’t resolved or from new karmas. The very awake can merge with the Divine, leaving their wisdom in cosmic memory. There are many options…

            1. Priya

              Yea, interestingly there was a minor point that was brought up for me in relation to career but I made it clear that I didn’t want that. It didn’t come up and then a year later the option came up! I could have chosen it if I wanted but I didn’t choose it because I didn’t want it and then it never came up again! How cool is that.
              Re self realization, yup I get it, that’s my sense too. Sometimes in society it’s all about coming off the wheel of karma but I wanted to highlight that it’s possible to choose to come back and be of service, even if it’s by taking on more karma, because by that point it doesn’t rule you, it just tethers you to a body and allows you to create your life.
              And also the other options you point out are all cool too .

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